The Fastest and Simplest Way to Move ASCII Serial Barcode, Weighscale, and RFID Slave Data to Allen Bradley PLCs

Price $829.15$880.65

The Easiest Way to Transfer ASCII Between a Serial Device and an OPC UA Client

Price $870.35$880.65

Easily connect a USB device to an Allen-Bradley PLC

Price $659.20$669.50

Connect up to two ASCII serial devices

Price $829.15$901.25

Easily connect serial devices to DF1 based Allen-Bradley PLCs

Price $870.35$940.39

Interface serial ASCII devices with MQTT, AWS and Azure cloud platforms.

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The Easiest Way to Integrate ASCII Data into a Siemens S7 PLC

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Connect ASCII devices to an OPC UA Client

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Connect ASCII Devices to a Web Interface

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Connect up to 32 BACnet/IP servers.

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Easily connect up to 32 BACnet/IP Servers to an ASCII system

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Easily control up to 32 BACnet/IP Server devices from a DF1 PLC

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