ASCII Ethernet TCP/IP to CompactLogix PLC


The Fastest and Simplest Way to Move ASCII Ethernet TCP/IP Barcode, Weighscale, and RFID Data to CompactLogix PLCs
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Moving Ethernet TCP/IP to a PLC Made Easy
There are a ton of perfectly good scales, barcode readers, printers and display devices that communicate with TCP data. This is equipment that you’ve used for a long time. You know how to set it up, how to make it work and that it’s reliable.

The problem is that you still have to connect these devices into your Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC. That means writing and testing plc logic. Not hard – just another task to do and more code to support. But there is a better way, a much better way. If you could move the data right into the PLCs registers it would save you time, money and a pile of headaches.

That’s the device we have developed for you. It quickly and easily moves Barcode data, Weigh Scale data and other TCP device data to Allen Bradley PLCs. The 490NBX moves your raw TCP data to a PLC with little or no delay. Milliseconds after receiving your raw TCP data it is transferred to your user-specified tag in the PLC. Simply configure the input data format, the IP Address of the PLC and a PLC tag using a very simple browser interface and you are ready to run. No standalone or custom software is required. It’s that simple.

Smart CompactLogix Connection Solution for TCP data
Let’s me be very honest. There are gaps in the Rockwell Automation architecture. Those gaps are designed to move you up their automation product line into higher performance higher cost products. You can’t blame them for this model but there’s no reason you can’t find an alternative way to ad performance without purchasing expensive rack solutions.

That’s where the 490NBX comes in.

With the 490NBX you can now quickly and easily connect TCP devices to your CompactLogix PLC. The 490NBX exists for one purpose and one purpose only; Move data between up to 10 TCP devices and a Compact Logix PLC. This means you will never have to deal with 30 additional features you don’t need. You wont have to search through a hundred page manual, or burn the midnight oil to set up this unit. The 490NBX is designed for a single purpose so that it can be quickly and easily be configured and deployed.

What Makes it so Simple to Use?
Your data transfer is configured via your internet browser. Simply log into your unit using an included discovery tool and you are ready to configure the unit with the web browser interface. You set the ip address of your TCP devices. You define the data that gets transferred and you pick the tag it should end up in the PLC. There is no software to download or code to futz with. It sounds simple, and it is, that’s the point.

The 490NBX is the smart connection solution for moving data from TCP devices to a CompactLogix PLC. Saving you money and increasing the abilities of the PLCs within your automation processes.



Ethernet TCP/IP to Allen Bradley PLC
Din Rail Mounted Gateway

Ethernet TCP/IP to Allen Bradley PLC
Panel Mounted Gateway

Ethernet TCP/IP to Allen Bradley PLC
Desk Mounted Gateway with Wall Wart Power Supply

Part Number
Good ForBarcode Readers, Printers, Weigh Scales, Displays and other ASCII devices

Weather Stations, UPS Systems and any other Ethernet TCP/IP devices that output a compound ASCII string

PLC SetupASCII data in a TCP/IP packet gets mapped to a single Tag or RegisterASCII data in a TCP/IP packet can be parsed to multiple Tag or Register locations
AlarmingN/AEmail alarming available
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