Connect USB to a CompactLogix PLC


Easily connect a USB device to a CompactLogix PLC
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USB to CompactLogix PLC Gateway
You have just found the easiest way to move data between a USB device and CompactLogix PLCs. Effortlessly move data from any USB HID or Printer device like barcode readers, weigh scales, RFID Scanners or printers into your PLCs data table. Sure lots of companies offer gateways for these kinds of devices, but nobody offers one quite like this.

The 435USB is a USB to PLC gateway that, in Direct Tag Mode, writes data from USB devices directly into the data table of your CompactLogix PLC. It’s simple in function and easy to use by design. If you don’t agree this is the easiest and quickest way to move ASCII data into a CompactLogix PLC, we will buy the unit back.

Upgrade Networks and Keep Your Legacy Hardware
Even though Ethernet is the standard, there is still an awful lot of ASCII devices and now those devices don’t have a serial port—THEY HAVE A USB PORT. These low-cost scales, barcode readers, RFID devices and a multitude of other units generate ASCII data that you need in your process. You know how to set them up, how to make them work and that they’re reliable. Plus, you can probably get them at a really good price since they don’t have all the fancy features of the Ethernet models. With the 435USB you can effortlessly integrate these devices with your CompactLogix PLCs.

What, exactly, makes our Gateways the best around?
There is no message instruction or IO tree to deal with. In Direct Tag Mode you simply define one PLC tag for sending and one for receiving and you’re done. It’s that simple.