Connect ControlLogix PLCs to DeviceNet


Easily connect ControlLogix PLCs to a DeviceNet Master
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Connect ControlLogix PLCs to DeviceNet
The 460ETCDS moves data between a DeviceNet Master and 1-5 ControlLogix PLCs.

With the 460ETCDS you are making a direct connection between DeviceNet data and user defined Tags or Registers in the data table of your ControlLogix PLC. There is no polling from the PLC or Ethernet/IP scan lists to arrange. This is a direct connection between your device data and the data table of your PLC.

How Does the Data Move In and Out of the PLC?
You allocate two areas of tags or register blocks in your ControlLogix PLC. One area is a user defined set of write only tags or register blocks accepting data from DeviceNet. The other area is full of read only tags or register blocks to send data to your DeviceNet Master. You directly map DeviceNet data into read and write locations in the data table of your ControlLogix PLC.

It’s really that simple.

Why Use Real Time Automation as a Gateway Supplier?
The 460ETCDS provides an option to access a DeviceNet system with a ControlLogix PLC without an expensive in-rack solution. While there are certainly a number of other companies offering stand alone gateways, there is no one who provides the level of support and service that you receive from RTA.

When you call, a live person answers the phone. When you talk with sales, you will get honest answers and recommendations even if that means recommending someone else’s solution. When you get support, it is from an engineer who had a hand in the product’s development, and support doesn’t require a ticket or 24 hour wait. We are unashamed of the fact that we are a smaller company because that means you mean a lot more to us.