Linux-Based Software Data Logger

The Easiest Way to Log and Forward Your Factory Floor Data

Finally, a simple, affordable way to manage your data! Don’t waste time manually collecting data from the plant floor or trying to integrate an overly complex monitoring system. Raptor is the easiest way to log application data from your devices and systems to increase efficiency and avoid unnecessary downtime. You can display, store, forward or export the data your applications are already creating to a database where it’s easy to see, understand and use to make smarter decisions.

Perfect for smaller manufacturers or lower volume applications, it’s never been easier to log data from your devices and systems. Raptor is easy to use and faster to set up than other solutions. You’ll be monitoring your system in no time with its simple, browser-based user interface, optional alarming, customized dashboards, and widgets, and if need be, our industry-leading expert support. Are you ready for a better Linux-based data management solution?


Raptor Solution Coming Soon!



  • Customized dashboards for clear and concise viewing of your data
  • Alarms and email notifications will alert you to critical data changes in your application
  • Data scaling to normalize your data for easy use and visualization
  • Simple browser-based user interface
  • Easy-to-use diagnostics to troubleshoot your application
  • Forward data directly from your PLCs and devices to your database


Raptor Solution Coming Soon!