Are You Trusting the Security of Your Control System to Devices Built for IT Networks?

I’ve been studying cybersecurity for a number of years now and I’m unhappy. I’m unhappy with how wrong so many leading vendors are on cybersecurity. I’m unhappy that a lot of vendors are more interested in transferring your cybersecurity budget to their bottom line. I’m unhappy with the lack of concise, clear information on implementing plant floor security.

So, I wrote this short article to explain a few things like:

    1. The BIG MISTAKE many of us make with OT security
    2. Why I believe device security is the worst possible approach to factory floor security.
    3. What to look for in a well-defined plant floor perimeter security device.

This article is power-packed with information. Some of it, I’m afraid, is going to get me in a lot of trouble with some major vendors. But I’ve been in that doghouse before.

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PS: Remember, I’m not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, just someone that tries to find practical solutions to problems you’re having on the factory floor.

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