Easily connect up to 2 USB ASCII devices to a Profinet IO Controller

Price $845.00$855.00

A simple way to monitor your PROFINET IO data from Excel.

Price $790.00$976.25

Siemens S7 PLCs to OPC UA

Price $805.00$976.25

Easily map your legacy PLC data to a TCP/IP socket

Price $805.00$913.00

Easily connect USB devices to a DF1 based Allen-Bradley PLC

Price $845.00$893.00

A simple way to access your Siemens S7 PLC data from a Web Client

Price $805.00$976.25

Web Interface to OPC UA

Price $805.00$976.25

The Fastest and Simplest Way to Move ASCII Ethernet TCP/IP Barcode, Weighscale, and RFID Data to Allen-Bradley PLCs

Price $845.00$855.00

1761-NET-AIC Replacement

Price $515.00$525.00

Add Ethernet Communications to Legacy Allen-Bradley PLCs

Price $695.00$743.00

The Easiest Way to Transfer Data Between Modbus Devices! The BFR3000 offers transparent data transfer […]

Price $575.00$685.00

Connect Your Legacy N2 Systems to BACnet/IP