Learn Why the ICS-Defender PRO Is the Secret Weapon Fortune 100 Manufactures Use to Secure Their High Availability Control Systems And What It Can Do For YOU!

Everything in the LITE/DPI plus scheduled user access, NTP, DHCP and many other features


ICS-Defender PRO Security Appliance


Built BY Control Engineers FOR Control Engineers

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What is the ICS-Defender PRO?

The ICS-Defender PRO is the top of the line security appliance for control engineers who need a strategy for protecting their control systems from external and internal threats. The ICS-Defender PRO prevents denial-of-service (DoS) and buffer overflow attacks, eliminates the threat of viruses and worms (at wire speeds) and provides the high availability that your production system requires.

Just like the ICS-Defender NAT/RA and the ICS-Defender LITE/DPI, the PRO provides you with Network Address Translation, Remote Access, a Captive Portal, local and Active Directory Authentication and the Deep Packet Inspection Engine to evaluate the risk from every CIP message. But addition two PRO devices can be paired together in a high availability, redundant system to keep your production system operating in case of failure.

The Defender PRO includes a set of features not found in any competitive device:

  • Primary and Secondary designations providing seamless failover to support your critical infrastructure
  • A Captive Portal for authenticating every user accessing your control system from either a local database or your active directory
  • Scheduled Rules to put you in control of not only who accesses your control system, what they access but also when they can access it
  • All-in-1 Application features like DHCP, NTP, DNS and others to reduce the number of devices and applications you need to support
  • An analyzer to auto learn your network traffic and create DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) rules without knowing CIP (Common Industrial Protocol)
  • No subscriptions and constant updates of malware signatures to update
  • EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP support with PROFINET IO and DNP3 on the road map
  • An asset data collection tool to interrogate your control network and report on assets found
  • A Restful API to make asset list available to high level systems
  • All the NAT services you’ll ever need: 1:1 NAT, 1:many NAT, Port Forwarding and outbound NAT
  • A VPN server and Client for all the Remote Access services you’ll ever use
  • A Stateful Firewall to ensure that only traffic you authorize will access your control network
  • An easy-to-use graphical user interface – no complicated CLI (Command Line Interface) required
  • A configurable dashboard and various historical and real-time graphs
  • Troubleshooting tools like Ping, Traceroute, PCAPS and more
  • 1-Click easy firewall rule creation from firewall logs
  • Historical and Real Time Graphing of network activity
  • Asset Detection and Monitoring (compatible with Rockwell AssetCentre®)
  • IP20 DIN (other options available)
  • Reporting and Monitoring to understand what the security platform is seeing on the network

Want More? See the comparison to the Defender NAT/RA and LITE/DPI!

Why You Might Need Defender PRO

Critical Production systems must remain operational and that includes the security appliance. Unlike any other security appliance, two ICS-Defender PROs can be paired together in a redundant, Primary/Secondary manner. In the unlikely event of failure, the security of your control system is not affected.

Other Versions of ICS-Defender

The ICS-Defender LITE/DPI license provides everything in the Defender NAT/RA plus an EtherNet/IP (CIP) Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine to restrict specific the CIP messages from accessing EtherNet/IP devices to authorized CIP operations. It LITE/DPI includes:

  • The Deep Pack Inspection engine supporting EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP
  • Network Asset Detection
  • Support for the Rockwell FactoryTalk® AssetCentre

ICS-Defender NAT/RA is the entry level product for users needing simple Network Address Translation and Remote Access. It includes:

  • Various types of Network Address Translation including: 1:1 NAT, 1:many NAT, Port Forwarding and outbound NAT
  • A Captive Portal where users can be authenticated from a local database or from your active directory
  • Remote Access using a VPN server
  • A stateful firewall to implement security policy for the control network
  • A graphical user interface – no CLI required
  • A configurable dashboard and various historical and real-time graphs

About ICS-Defender

The Defender series of products from Dynics provides a powerful layer of protection to the control engineer; protecting everything from machine to tools to standalone computers to full scale control systems.The Dynics Defense-in-Depth strategy provides safe and secure remote access, controls how suppliers access your networks and equipment, blocks unauthorized operations (using a Deep Packet Inspection engine), hides internal addresses from external users (Network Address Translation) and block unwanted messages from unauthorized devices such as USB flash drives, tethered phones, wireless devices and laptops.

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions10 × 12 × 8 in
  • 113 Page Manual
  • 3 Year Warranty