Local Linux-based Data Historian Solution

The Easiest Way to Log and Forward Your Modbus TCP Data to a Database


Modbus TCP Data Historian


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The Easiest Way to Log Your Modbus TCP Device Data in Linux Systems

Your devices and systems are generating mountains of valuable data you are not capturing. This data is key to increase efficiency and avoiding unnecessary downtime. With the Raptor Data Historian, you can easily aggregate the data from your Modbus TCP systems. The tool allows you to monitor, alarm, and report on the data being generated by your systems and devices. You can utilize these logs of data to make smarter business decisions on your factory floor or you can forward the data along to a cloud platform.

Raptor Data Historian is deployed within a Docker container and designed for Linux Ubuntu environments.

How Do I Use Raptor Historian in my Application?

Use the browser-based  interface to specify the Modbus TCP data you want to collect, what you want to do with it and which parameters to monitor.

Data is Power

We all understand the value of looking at a histogram. Most of us believe it would be valuable if we could more closely monitor our devices. Yet our applications are built primarily on devices that aren’t designed to create historic logs. The Raptor Data Historian allows you to access the data inside these devices and log it. The tool is designed to help you implement preventative maintenance, gain efficiency measurements, track assets, and monitor the usage of your automation systems. You get access to the data already available in your systems and can log in at regular intervals for historic comparison.

You Own Your Data

The historian operates locally and has no reliance on internet connectivity or monthly service fees. You have full control of your data and all access to it. The device is ideal to operate in closed control network environments.

Your Devices Let You Know They Need Your Help

You can easily apply alarms to any data points. This allows your device to email you when it’s getting over temperature, is seeing abnormal vibrations, has encountered an error, or lost connection. You can pinpoint the exact time and event that important events occurred by reading your email. You can then use the historic logs to search for other anomalies that may have led to these events.

Perfect for Machine Monitoring

The power of data has been the buzz of technology for the better part of a decade. You can’t visit a tech provider without hearing IoT, AI, and Big data. Yet for the vast majority of small manufacturers, the complex systems being pitched are overkill. You really don’t need an AI applying an unlimited arsenal of algorithms to a manufacturing line that consists of a PLC and six devices. If you had a tool that could be easily set up to log a few hundred points of data and alarm on a subset of those points, you could add a ton of value with far less overhead. That is what the Raptor Historian is designed to do. Give you a locally-hosted tool that is designed to be used by a control engineer.

Perfect for smaller manufacturers or machine builders. It’s never been easier to log data from your devices and systems. The Raptor Data Historian is easy to use and faster to deploy. You’ll be monitoring your system in no time with a simple, browser-based user interface, optional alarming, customized dashboards, and widgets, and if need be, our industry-leading expert support.

Why Use Real Time Automation for a Data Management Solution?

While there are certainly other companies offering data management solutions, there is no one who provides the level of support and service that you receive from RTA.

When you call, a live person answers the phone. When you talk with sales, you will get honest answers and recommendations. When you get support, it is from an engineer who had a hand in the product’s development, and support doesn’t require a ticket or 24-hour wait.

  • Customized dashboards for clear and concise viewing of your data
  • Alarms and email notifications will alert you to critical data changes in your application
  • Data scaling to normalize your data for easy use and visualization
  • Simple browser-based user interface
  • Easy-to-use diagnostics to troubleshoot your application
  • Export or forward data directly from your machines to your database
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