Configurable aluminum channel workstation with four 35mm DIN rails.





Are your test systems turning into a rat’s nest of cables?

The TesRac is perfect for any development project! Utilizing the vertical space on your desk maximizes space while minimizing the risk of any coffee-born catastrophes. The easily configurable din rails allow any size device to be mounted for easy LED display, easy access to connectors, and safe, secure storage. The TesRac is small enough to fit in an overhead bin, yet sturdy enough to support an adult man’s weight. It’s a portable, configurable, test station rack that allows you to manage your test systems. Just don’t forget the din rail for your favorite RTA gateway!

Check out the case study below featuring Real Time Automation and our love for this product from QuepTech:

TesRac by QuepTech helps Real Time Automation Maintain Their Support Test Equipment


14 inch, 22 inch