Why You’ll Love Working With RTA

1. You’ll Talk to a Real Person

Sure, we could use an automated phone system. It’s cheaper than humans and it would make our life easier but that’s not the point – we’re here to make your life easier. RTA is, first and foremost, a customer service company whose priority is to solve your problems. Can’t do that if some automated system comes between us. Your call is going to get answered by a real live human. That real live human (known around these parts as a “Cheesehead”) is going to either answer your question immediately or find someone who can within one minute. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.


2. Think ATM Experience

You’re smart enough to know that the true cost of a gateway is its deployment time, not its price. Every gateway company promises you an “easy-to-use” experience. I don’t doubt their sincerity but they’re big, bureaucratic companies that believe in building very complex products that can meet every application problem with the same little black box that they can ship all over the planet. You won’t get that from a small, customer focused team like RTA, Instead of a box that is designed to meet the needs of 500 different customers, with a gazillion features you don’t need, you’ll get a box that does THE ONE THING YOU WANT IT DO. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.


3. You’ll Find it In Stock

Our products aren’t manufactured or stocked in Sweden, or Germany, or Fiji for that matter. We’re Americans (OK, we’re really Cheeseheads) and our products are built, configured and shipped right here in the good old USA. Our boxes are stocked right next to the game room with the pool table, the dart board and the foosball table (we’re a competitive bunch). We do that intentionally so that our shipping people are right there to drop their pool cues and ship exactly the product you need and get it to you exactly when you need it. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.


4. You’ll Get it When You Need it

It’s inevitable. It’s 3, 4, or even 5 O’clock in the afternoon and you need something. Sometimes it’s somebody confusing a 24VDC with 240VDC (that zero really does make a difference) who lets out all the magic smoke so now you need another unit and you need it fast. And you know what? We’ll not only take your call but because it’s too late for the regular pickup we’ll drive it over to the FedEx or UPS so that it’s there for you in the early A.M. And in those emergencies when that doesn’t even work we’ve been known to get in the car and drive it right to your dock ourselves. We once drove a box 500 miles to a factory in St. Louis making it just in time for 3rd shift. You’ll get it when you need it. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.


5. We’re Local

Yes, that’s right, we are located right here in Central USA – Wisconsin to be exact. You won’t be calling some call center or offshore mystery location. If you have to call to get a question answered or for support, you’ll be speaking to a support person who’s close enough to the development engineers to hit them with a pencil, an eraser or, in emergencies, with a stapler if they need help answering your question. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.


6. You’ll Get Industry Leading Support

A Software manager was once asked this question: “If your programmers were responsible for the flight control systems would you get on the plane?” The manager replied that not only would he get on the plane he wouldn’t even buckle his seat belt. He then added that the reason he could be so unafraid is “It’d be unlikely that the plane would even roll down the runway let alone take off!” Well our guys aren’t that bad but sometimes our code passes functional test, passes system test, passes acceptance tests yet still fails when it gets in your hands. That’s going to happen, but the promise is that when it does, first you’ll get a sincere apology, then we’ll do everything, and we mean everything, to fix it as fast as we can and if it’s really a software bug, you’ll get a surprise gift for uncovering it.

Our goal is when you have some sort of problem that you’ll have the same kind of awesome experience that these folks had:

“…RTA came through on this; RTA definitely offers a lot of value. Performance for price but I think the customer attention (from a small/medium size company) is worth a lot…”

“…Technical support very fast and efficient…”

“…Your support staff was excellent, even to the point of getting me an early release of firmware to meet my requirements…”

If you have to call for support you’ll get that same level of interest, patience, and attention. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.


7. You’ll Get it Your Way

No, we’re not talking about the flame broiled whopper from Burger King. We know that sometimes our product just needs a little tweak or a little bit of custom code to make it perfect for your application. Sometimes you have your own unique protocol; sometimes it would really help if your data was scaled, summarized or manipulated in some way and sometimes you need a whole new custom product for a special application. We’ll do any and all of that for you. Anything to meet your requirements. And you’ll be working with an Engineering team that has delivered custom industrial applications for almost thirty years. We’ll get it done and get it done right. Just the way you want it. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.


8. You’ll Enjoy Working With Us

We’ve always been a pretty unique company. Whether it’s our CAN JAM contests in the parking lot, our Polar Plunge on a freezing New Year’s morning, or our plaid shorts day, we like to have fun and that shows in our attitude and work ethic. Life is short. Sometimes very short. Our philosophy is to work hard and play harder. Smiling and laughing are important and an integral part of our culture. So, when you’re one of our customers you might get a backwards running clock, a computer mouse with a real bug in it or some other very odd gift. We run a serious business but we want to make sure we smile ….and make you smile along the way. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.


9. More Than Just Another Business

You deal with lots of businesses: caterers, auto dealerships, bakeries, barber shops, bars, restaurants – the list really is endless. All of those businesses exist to make money and we applaud that. Capitalism is about making money. If we aren’t making money we can’t provide you with the excellent service and support that you deserve. But in our view, a business should be about something other than making money. After all, the world doesn’t need another pizza restaurant with a 30 minute delivery. It doesn’t need another low end dollar store. It doesn’t need another boring auto dealership and it surely doesn’t need another “me too!” strip mall. That’s why we’re different. We’re not me too. We’re one of the few American -owned industrial automation companies. We manufacture, stock and support our products right here in the USA. We keep stock so you NEVER EVER have to worry. We provide a 5 year warranty, and a team of experts to give you unparalleled customer service 12hrs/day. We LOVE what we do and have a blast doing it. THAT’S OUR PROMISE.