Connect ASCII devices to an OPC UA Client

Connect BACnet/IP Server Devices to OPC UA Clients

Get Your BACnet MS/TP Controllers connected to OPC UA

The simplest way to move data between up to 32 BACnet MS/TP slave devices and an OPC UA client.

Get Your BACnet /IP Controllers connected to OPC UA

Easily move data between EtherNet/IP adapter devices and up to 4 OPC clients eevices.

EtherNet/IP Scanner to OPC UA

Allen-Bradley PLC to OPC UA

Modbus TCP/IP Servers to OPC UA

Modbus RTU Slaves to OPC UA

Modbus RTU Master to OPC UA

Easily connect a Modbus TCP/IP Client device and up to 3 OPC UA Clients.

Profinet IO Controller to OPC UA

Siemens S7 PLCs to OPC UA

The easiest way to map your OPC UA Data to a TCP/IP Socket!

Web Interface to OPC UA