Access To ControlLogix PLCs

Many, many of our customers are interested in transferring data between their embedded or PC-based systems and ControlLogix and other Rockwell PLCs using EtherNet/IP.


A lot of these customers are building their own controllers on top of RA PLCs with their own custom HMIs. For example, I have a Timber industry customer that inspects logs and figures out exactly how the log should be turned for optimum production of wood planks. His system does two vision scans of the log and must write all sorts of parameters to the ControlLogix PLC after each pass.


If you are doing a system like this or if you just want to move some data in and out of PLCs, there are a few different ways to accomplish it. I’ve just written a paper that explains all the ways people misunderstand ControlLogix EtherNet/IP and how they can access the data table. It also provides a checklist for developers using a software solution to access a ControlLogix data table.


Here’s what to do to get it. Fill out our Contact Us form. Put “Access ControlLogix Data Table” in the question field to get it.