Connect ASCII data via a TCP Socket to a CompactLogix PLC


Integrate TCP socket based ASCII Systems into a CompactLogix PLC
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Get your Profinet Client Directly to the Data Table of a CompactLogix PLC
The 460ETCTCP allows you to move ASCII data inside TCP/IP packets to a CompactLogix PLC. It’s a simple solution that allows you to pass TCP socket connection data easily to a CompactLogix PLC. It allows you to Interpret the ASCII data strings into meaningful data types for before being deliver to the PLC.

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How Does the Data Move In and Out of the CompactLogix PLC?
Incoming and outgoing Ethernet TCP/IP data is mapped to and from user defined Tags or Registers in the data table of your CompactLogix PLC. You allocate two areas of tags or register blocks in your Allen-Bradley PLC. One area is a user defined block accepting data from Ethernet TCP/IP data. The other area is a block the gateway reads and passes to the Ethernet TCP/IP device(s).

If your device uses delimiters, the 460ETCTCP can be configured to automatically remove the delimiters on incoming messages and add delimiters back in on outgoing messages. No need to deal with the delimiters in your PLC. If you need to parse your data, the 460ETCTCP can parse a string of Ethernet TCP/IP data in up to 50 segments by delimiter or offset.
It’s designed to be a simple tool to integrate ASCII data into an AB PLC.

Why use Real Time Automation as a Gateway Supplier?
The 460ETCTCP provides an option to access those Ethernet TCP/IP devices that always seem to creep into your architecture no matter how hard you try to keep them out. With the 460ETCTCP you can easily connect to those devices with your CompactLogix PLC.

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Part Number
Good ForBarcode Readers, Printers, Weigh Scales, Displays and other ASCII devices

Weather Stations, UPS Systems and any other Ethernet TCP/IP devices that output a compound ASCII string

PLC SetupASCII data in a TCP/IP packet gets mapped to a single Tag or RegisterASCII data in a TCP/IP packet can be parsed to multiple Tag or Register locations
AlarmingN/AEmail alarming available
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