As a trusted partner in your communications needs, Real Time Automation® is continuously developing next-generation integration solutions to solve your most pressing connectivity issues.
That’s where RTConnect comes in.

We know, it takes massive effort and risk for product vendors to bring devices to market. You have brought your expertise to your device and now need to add protocols to move the data to and from that device, RTA has got you covered.

The RTConnect module integrates into some of the smallest places (just look at the comparison picture), and when you leverage this technology you can also get our expert support in conformance testing and get assistance in ensuring it is easily compatible with leading PLCs in the market.

The RTConnect Module Group of Products

Four Times the Power at a Fraction of the Size

The RTConnect protocol module adds industrial protocol connectivity to any device. The module from RTA is the next generation of industrial protocol integration offering device manufacturers and OEMs the smallest embedded gateway solution to hit the market.

The RTConnect protocol module gives you a suite of protocols to help you access the leading automation market segments. Here’s what else the RTConnect module delivers.

Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) offering 2.4 – 2.5 GHzProven PHY reduces the complexity of adding Ethernet to your device
Add Ethernet-based communications protocols with a single unitMakes incorporation easy, even in the tightest spots
Extremely small footprintSupport multiple ethernet communication protocols in a single form factor
Includes EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP and MQTTLeverages common industry protocols as base form
Easily interface with existing Modbus RTU and serial-based ASCII devicesRTA expertise minimizes testing parameters and reduces time to market
Protocol certification support and assistance is available*No tools for your customer to download or maintain
Web browser-based network setting and diagnosticsConnection options: embedded Ethernet and Wi-Fi (WLAN)

*RTConnect offers the same industry-leading Enginerd® support that RTA has been delivering to satisfied customers all over the world since 1989. When you call, a live person will answer the phone. The support is from an engineer who had a hand in the product’s development. You won’t need a ticket and you won’t wait 24 hours for someone to get back to you.

Includes Solutions to Integrate Popular Industrial Ethernet Connectivity Options

The RTConnect protocol module communicates to the host processor over a serial physical layer, leveraging either Modbus RTU or ASCII communications, and then presents the device data as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP or MQTT.

Physical Attributes

Product specifications
Presentation ProtocolsModbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, BACnet/IP, MQTT (PROFINET – Planned 2024 Release)
Board Interface ProtocolsModbus RTU, ASCII serial Client
Board interface OptionsRS232, TTL—Serial data rate up to 921,600
Power+3.3 volts DC
Temp Range

-40ºC to +85ºC (-40ºF to +185ºF)

RoHS Compliant, REACH
Indicators (LED)

10 Base-T Connection, 100 Base-T Connection, Link and Activity Indicator (Full/Half Duplex)

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One Last Thing

The RTConnect product line will grow to include enablement appliances, software solutions and other leading-edge connectivity products and services. Keep up to date on all the new and exciting RTConnect solutions as they’re released by signing up to receive our product updates.

Simply put…we move your data.