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You may know us as the easy-to-use, simple-to-order, little black box gateway people, but we offer so much more than that! With over 30 years of knowledge in industrial automation—implementing projects with the local company down the street as well as national brands to keep their operations rolling—we have the perfect team to handle your project needs. From our expert engineering team to our world class Enginerd® support team to our reams of documentation on all the different protocols that keep the world’s factories up and running, a call to RTA is the only one you’ll have to make.

What Kind of Customization Challenge Can We Help You With?

Real Time Automation offers a number of custom solutions. From a simple solutions (ready in just a couple of days) to ground up development on a long-term program, we’re here to partner with you and ensure the success of your project.

When working to install and integrate gateways there are number of templates and mapping tools that can be leveraged to make factory floor data communicate . When there is a standard application that is needed we will work with you to develop ready-to-use, out-of-the box solutions. We map, apply templates and set the default settings before we ship.

  • Predetermined/loaded device templates
  • Minimal set-up time
  • Easy-to-use, single task implementation
  • Custom part numbers – no hassle ordering
  • No minimum requirements

The solution you need should be a repeatable solution that can be shipped to a location, installed and integrated on a regular basis with no additional set-up or additional phone calls. Our custom configuration solutions do exactly that and deliver the features below.

  • Lock down configuration settings
  • Minimal set-up and install time
  • As simple as “plug ‘n play”
  • No minimum requirements
  • Custom part numbers – no hassle ordering

We know there are a lot of protocols out there. We also know that many of them are older, unique and very specific communication protocols that still need solutions. Just because your factory floor communication doesn’t use EtherNet/IP, BACNet or some other big name protocol doesn’t mean we can’t work with you to develop a solution.

  • Leverage your proprietary protocol
  • Custom part numbers – no hassle ordering
  • No minimum requirements

There are instances where your company has a machine, component or project that is spec’d out from your company. You have a contract as an approved vendor with a partner you provide products/services to. You are doing all the developing, sourcing and building and want the product to feel premium and complete. Custom labeling our products as your own enhances your overall branding and creates a premium customer experience that will benefit your bottom line. Here are some features to help make that happen.

  • We offer options for a custom interface (site)
  • Secure user interface log
  • Labeling and part numbers specific to your project
  • Custom part numbers – no hassle ordering

Ready to discuss your needs?

Give us a call 800-249-1612, email us solutions@rtautomation.com or simply fill out the form below and one of our Enginerds will get back to you.