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It Was Up and Running in 30 Minutes

“We had to add a RS232 scale to a conveyor system where the barcode scanner had already consumed the serial port on our SLC5/05, I tried a RS232 port combiner with poor results. An electrical engineer who was there with me told me he watched another system integrator put a Real Time Automation 435NBS converter in in about 30 minutes. I ordered one next day air, and within 30 minutes of its arrival it was working as well. You guys saved me, thanks for the rapid delivery.”

FENTON PAINTER / Insight Automation

So Easy, It’s Worth Twice The Price

“I challenged a customer to get it working by the time I got back from his break room with a Coke and he indeed had it working when I got back. He then said ‘It’s worth twice the price!’”

ERIC PAQUETTE / Kendall Electric

Easiest Gateway to Use

“By far the easiest ASCII to serial gateway I have ever used. The built-in handshaking was very simple and effective.”

ERIC GIRDHAM / Michigan Rebuild & Associates

Great Register Capability

“I just finished a job with the new 435NBS serial to SLC 505 interface. The new string (ST) register capability has made PLC programming easier than using channel 0 of the PLC. Great improvement!”

MIKE WILLIAMSON / Aggressive Tooling

A No Brainer

“The tag client software that RTA provided turned out to be a no brainer for us. We thought that we would have to spend months developing what we needed. It turned out that all I had to do is call RTA and literally the next day my engineer had the code running on our platform. What a relief! Now we can move on to implementing all the other product features our customers are asking for. This was the second time in the past 4 years that I turned to RTA for help with Ethernet/IP based solutions. Both times my life got much easier when I made the decision to purchase their software.”

GEORGE ANDERSON / Spectrum Controls, Inc.

No Loss of Configuration

“Everything seems to be working as we imagined. Thanks for the great response time. I did not see any way to save the configuration other than screen shots, but the configuration did not get lost in the update. Thanks again, and you were a pleasure to work with.”


Master of Automation Equipment

“I greatly appreciate your follow up on the matter and am very impressed with your product, this puts your company top of my list for the next project requiring this type of equipment.”

EDWARD J RYMERS / L&W Engineering Plant 4

Great Performance

“By the way I have used eight of your units now and all were successful. It saved me writing that Voodoo logic that AB has to use to make the port 0 stuff work. In addition I didn’t need to put together a proprietary network to connect seven scanners to a single processor. I am pleased with the performance and ease of use.”

TOM / Material Handling Specialist

As Efficient as Working with Our Own Engineers

“Real Time Automation’s expertise with Industrial Ethernet protocols, PLCs, and Industrial Computer solutions proved invaluable to Escort Memory System’s and provided us the ability to rapidly migrate our products to state of the art industrial control platforms. Working with the management and the engineers from RTA has been a very positive experience. They have been accommodating in incorporating features that had not been anticipated early on in the specification process. The process of working with RTA’s engineers has been as efficient as working with our own engineers in remote locations. They have assisted us in the definition, development, documentation and certification of a new line of RFID products for the Industrial Ethernet markets within a relatively short schedule. I would recommend their services and products to other companies requiring their expertise.”

BRIAN MONAHAN / Escort Memory Systems

Little Installation Time Needed

“Basically, I think this unit is an awesome piece of equipment. Within a few minutes of hooking it up, I had data from my ControlLogix processsor out the serial port of the Gateway to a Telesis PinStamper. Within less than an hour I had the entire setup working properly. Thanks!”

NORM FULLER / Alfe Systems

Should be Used Whenever Possible

“I have used several of your gateways and all have been a breeze to set up. I have been telling everyone to use this solution whenever possible. These products really keep our design, program, and debug time at a minimum.”

JEREMY BYRD / Controls Engineer

Great Tech Support Service

“The 435NBA Ethernet to Serial device streamlined our machines, eliminating the need for additional Prosoft cards. The modules were easy to program, install, and use and the help from tech support was unbeatable. Thanks again.”


Really Should Do it with an RTA Unit

“You don’t need to read a 400 page manual that tells you how to design the interface from scratch. It’s simple to use and very similar across the product range to configure. If they do need to call tech support, your people are very knowledgeable and friendly also. A bonus. No Software to install or revision level to worry about. No Tech connect contract to purchase.

Last year I did a 2 hr seminar on printing via open sockets from a logix controller to a zebra printer. Showed them how we would do it in a controller, including the code, how to construct the string, test it out etc. Then I showed them in the last 10 minutes how they really should do it with an RTA unit. And that sold it.

One last thing, I had a customer in Battle Creek a couple of weeks ago that was very excited because he was getting closer to qualifying for a remote control helicopter. Didn’t even know you did that. So maybe it’s because you have cool customer appreciation gifts.“

DEREK HUMPHREYS / Kendall Electric

A Life-Saving, User Friendly Device

“I have to thank you for a product that has been nothing short of a life saver. We found your product doing a general web search for Ethernet to ASCII conversion, and were ecstatic to see that it interfaced perfectly with our AB SLC 5/05 and a TCP/IP device. We were able to set it up in minutes, and found it very user friendly. Your support of this product has been great and we look forward to using your product in the future when issues like ours arise.”

JASON DARBY / Cardinal Machine Co.

Easiest ASCII to EtherNet/IP Device

“This device is without a doubt the easiest ASCII to Ethernet IP device I have used. RTA has got it right for once. Within 20 minutes of unpacking the device I was sending and getting data into my Compact Logix – far easier than any other device I have used – hands down. I’ve been doing this stuff for 35 years.”

JOE D. / Automation Integrators

We Turned to Real Time Automation, and They Performed

“When it came to getting the job done, we turned to Realtime Automation, and they performed. RTA helped us figure out a complex communications interface problem in short order, and provided hardware and software modification requirements for implementation before we even got off the plane!”

KEVIN LITTLE / HTS Engineering Ltd.

A Promise and A Guarantee

“I tried for several months to find someone who knew the older Allen-Bradley RB modules so we could change our label printing. We have 376 positions making carpet string that print a label every 20 minutes or so. No one, not even at Allen-Bradley, could understand what I was even talking about. It seemed that every time I got passed to another person they knew even less than the first. RTA changed all of that. We got a promise and a guarantee to do the work right and they did just that. All of this was just in time too. We beat the management’s deadline for the new labels by 2 days. After almost a year of searching for help, RTA fixed our problem in a few short weeks.”


Easy to Use Web Interface

“The 435NBA is an excellent serial to EtherNet interface to an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC. We had our barcode scanner up and running within a day with your tech support. Great web interface makes it easy. We will be using more of these in the future.”


As Determined to Make My Project Work as I Was

“I was extremely pleased with amount and the quality of support I received from RTA. Porting their code over to my non-standard application was a minor monumental task to say the least, but they were with me every step of the way. RTA was as determined to make my project work as I was, Thanks RTA!”


Runs Like a Champ

“…Just a quick update on the one unit we have, its running like a champ, I wish all interface devices are as easy to integrate as this one is…”


A Communications Solution that Meets Our Needs

“We have worked with Real Time Automation on a variety of projects over the past few years. I have consistently found them enthusiastic to work with us throughout the development process to ensure that we receive a communications solution that meets our needs. More importantly, their commitment to providing timely support services after the initial release of the system is truly exemplary.”

KEN FONSTAD / Danfoss Graham

Simplistic Plant Floor Integration

“As excited as I was to stumble across your website, multiply that by 10 once I received the gateway and found out how easily it integrated into the plant floor. Expect more orders soon.”


Great Service and Support

“RTA stayed with us 100% of the way from software delivery, through the guiding us in the embedding of their drivers into our product, necessary modifications, fixes, precertification, and right through to the testing lab for our Compliance Tested Certificate. They have a top notch staff. RTA was a true asset to us in implementing EtherNet/IP.”

Lead Software Engineer

Key to Success

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and the entire RTA team for your hospitality last week. Both Philippe and I had a great time. I would also like to mention that the assistance Jamin provided last week was a tremendous benefit. He knows Ethernet/IP, and the stack, inside and out which was key to the success we had. I can say that choosing RTA was the right decision.“

KYLE MERCER / Servelec Technologies