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Real Time Automation, the foremost authority in industrial automation connectivity, offers two very different but equally worthwhile workshops every year (sometimes twice a year). They are two-day events that blend lecture hall information dissemination sessions with hands-on activities to make the learning more relatable, memorable and enjoyable.

Automation Protocols 101 Training

Who: Automation Newbies

Where: Pewaukee, WI
When: April 9-10, 2024

This two-day, interactive workshop highlights where the industry is heading and how the most prolific networking protocols are helping those within the industry get there. Tuition includes all meals, entertainment and a two-night hotel stay.

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EtherNet/IP Developer’s Workshop

Who: Hardcore EtherNet/IP Device Developers
Where: Pewaukee, WI
When: September 17-18, 2024

This two-day, hands-on workshop is where you’ll learn everything needed to bring an EtherNet/IP-enabled device to market. Tuition includes all meals, entertainment, a two-night hotel stay and a voucher for a future EtherNet/IP source code project.

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Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

If there’s some other industrial automation training session that you’d like to attend that’s not currently being offered by RTA (or anyone else), you’re probably not be alone. Tell us what it is. We’ll run it up the flagpole, see who salutes and if we get enough interest, we’ll put something together and you’ll be the first one we notify.

Why Learn from RTA?

RTA specializes in making easy-to-use connectivity products, including industrial protocol gateways, embedded source code stacks and customized OEM solutions. Since 1989, we’ve continually developed our products to seamlessly integrate process equipment so our customers can collect, analyze and interpret the real-time data they need to improve productivity and maximize efficiencies.

Whether you’re a grizzled veteran of the factory floor or a relative newcomer just getting started, RTA can help you become more knowledgeable, more proficient and more successful at what you do. Our Enginerd® professors rely on their decades of experience creating connectivity solutions to present the technologies you need in a simple, fun and straightforward manner.

What Our Customers Are Saying

This is a workshop that I would recommend to anyone and everyone who is currently in the industry or wants to learn more about the industry.

Farrah P.
[At my company], we were in a hurry, I found RTA and this training is going to save me months of work.


Need More Convincing?

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