With this solution we are closer to our goal of producing 3.6 billion gloves annually.

Will Rudd / Controls Engineer, American Nitrile

Thinking Outside the Controller

Will Rudd, a Controls Engineer at American Nitrile, found the company facing a significant challenge during the integration of a chemical storage unit from an overseas supplier into their controls system. The purchased unit’s controller had proprietary software and protocols that posed compatibility issues with American Nitrile’s Rockwell PLC network. Despite multiple attempts using different gateways and software, a solution remained elusive, necessitating quick and expert assistance.

In a unique turn of events, American Nitrile made the strategic decision to bypass the problematic controller altogether and connect directly to the sensors. This decision marked a pivotal moment in the project, leading to the involvement of RTA.

American Nitrile found RTA and working through their team was able to identify that the 460ETCMM was what they needed to address their integration challenges. This solution allowed them to entirely eliminate the troublesome controller and establish a direct and efficient connection between their Rockwell PLC network and the sensors.

The key advantages of RTA’s product were two-fold: availability and exceptional customer service. The chosen product was not only effective but was readily available in stock. Equally important was RTA’s customer service, which stood out for its accessibility. The absence of a convoluted phone tree ensured that a real person could be reached promptly, facilitating a smooth and quick setup process.

Will Rudd was asked ‘How has the product and service worked out for you’, responded “GREAT! We could not be happier.” The seamless integration achieved with RTA’s solution marked a significant milestone in the success of the project.

Tangible results began to surface with American Nitrile anticipating the full operational status of their Ohio facility by the end of 2023. The RTA solution played a crucial role in propelling the company toward its goal of producing 3.6 billion gloves annually. This success translated to increased productivity, efficiency and a reduction in downtime.

Enthusiastically, Will Rudd recommended RTA to colleagues, highlighting the positive experience with the product and emphasizing the reliability of RTA’s customer service. Beyond the technical merits of the solution, the fact that RTA is an American-based company with products made in the USA resonated with American Nitrile’s commitment to using domestically sourced products.

For a deeper insight into American Nitrile, we invite you to explore their website: https://www.americannitrile.com/about/ and discover more about their story.

In conclusion, American Nitrile’s mission to manufacture high-quality medical and industrial nitrile gloves found a valuable ally in RTA. The collaboration not only resolved a critical integration challenge but also contributed to the company’s broader goals of sustainability and building a resilient supply chain for the sourcing of domestic PPE. The success story stands as a testament to the efficacy of RTA’s solutions in overcoming complex industrial challenges.

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