In 2019, I was on a job site in Middle-of-Nowhere West Texas, trying to integrate third-party equipment with our own. It was late at night and [a member of your support team] helped me troubleshoot for multiple hours to get the device working…. The customer service from your team was a differentiator for us and why we’ve standardized on this device for our entire fleet of oil/gas equipment.

Engineering Manager / Texas-based Industrial Chemical Solutions Provider

Making Multiple Connections that Last

A recognized leader in the development, manufacturing and application of performance-based slick water fluid system additives for the oil and gas industry needed an industrial communications solution. The goal of the project was to send/receive data to multiple third-party vendors using a single device with high reliability and simple remote access.

This solution had to have: the ability for web-based configuration; simple set-up; the ability to send/receive ASCII serial data and communicate with the device via Modbus from a PLC; and, outstanding post-sale customer service.

The client took to the web to find such a solution. They researched and vetted other equipment, included Red Lion HMIs/Protocol converters and multiple different Moxa gateways, before selecting Real Time Automation’s 460MSA gateway. They were pleased with their selection.

Our client stated that the simple, web-based set-up was a key value add. Other key benefits they mentioned were the ability to export/import configuration files and update the device to handle either raw ASCII, TCP/IP or other protocols with a simple firmware flash. Our client also mentioned RTA’s customer service. “Tech support was probably the biggest differentiator outside of the hardware. RTA definitely has one of the top tech support teams of all the different IT hardware vendors we’ve worked with.”

Success of that first trial installation in 2019 was measured by duration of runtime without failure. “We have not yet had a failure,” our client explained.

Real Time Automation has been delivering innovative communications solutions to the industrial automation market since 1989. RTA products seamlessly integrate process equipment so control engineers and integrators can collect, analyze and interpret the real-time data needed to improve productivity and maximize efficiencies.

RTA specializes in making easy-to-use connectivity products, including industrial protocol gateways, embedded source code stacks and customized OEM solutions. RTA’s products are used on factory floors all over the world and come backed by industry-leading Enginerd® tech support to help save time, money and aggravation. And, RTA products come with a 5-year warranty, are made in America and are always in stock, ready to ship the same day (with orders placed before 2:00 PM Central time).

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