This project illustrated the power of the RTConnect module. RTConnect dramatically reduced this customer’s time to market. They were able to leverage a proven serial channel design and Modbus RTU stack. The modules offered a stable Ethernet physical layer and reliable protocol deployments. This likely saved months of labor and multiple PCB revisions. Their product is in the market adding value and making money not sitting on a developer’s desk.

Drew Baryenbruch / President, Real Time Automation, Inc.

With an ever-growing list of technologies that need to be incorporated in the world of automation, industry 4.0 and robotics. It’s forcing device manufacturers to evolve quicker, get innovative products to market and seamlessly integrate with existing equipment (oh yeah and be cost effective).

We wanted to highlight a story where we recently worked with a customer that had leveraged our protocol communication products in the past, this Contract Design Manufacturer (CDM) tapped us on the shoulder to work through this project’s challenges with them. Their first requirement was they needed to leverage the clients’ existing Modbus RTU board interface and get the communication in the device converted to EtherNet/IP. After discussing the full list of project parameters with the CDM, we reviewed the features/benefits of our connectivity solutions including software stacks, gateways and the RTConnect module.

After a full review both teams agreed the RTConnect module was the right fit for this project. The module features a small footprint, proven PHY and certification support (just to name a few), reduced many risk factors in the development cycle. It removed front loaded licensing with source code, it allowed them to present a fiscally responsible solution with a couple hundred units yearly and allowing the ability to make modifications/customizations in the comms to work with the customers original data modeling.

We talk a lot about reduced time to market with the module and here is just a quick timing recap of this project that was a from the ground-up design through to prototyping and deployment, once the solution that the team wanted to proceed with was finalized.

  • Two weeks: That is the time it took from receiving existing data modeling and supporting CDM testing.
  • One month: The approximate time that the CDM had proof of concept to deliver.
    ** From proof of concept to prototyping we supported data model adjustments that were loaded onto the modules for prototyping.
  • Approximately two – three months: Prototype runs are being facilitated with the client for pending production.

Our CDM was ecstatic that they had proof of concept to deliver to their client rapidly and know that they have our Enginerd® support for modifications and conformance testing when the time comes.

The RTConnect protocol module gives you a suite of protocols to help you access the leading automation market segments. Here’s what else the RTConnect module delivers.

Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) offering 2.4 – 2.5 GHzProven PHY reduces the complexity of adding Ethernet to your device
Add Ethernet-based communications protocols with a single unitMakes incorporation easy, even in the tightest spots
Extremely small foot printSupport multiple ethernet communication protocols in a single form factor
Includes EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, BACnet and MQTTLeverages common industry protocols as base form
Easily interface with existing Modbus RTU and serial-based ASCII devicesRTA expertise minimizes testing parameters and reduces time to market
Protocol certification support and assistance is available*No tools for your customer to download or maintain
Web browser based network setting and diagnosticsThree connection options: embedded Ehternet, Wi-Fi and WLAN antenna

*RTConnect offers the same industry-leading Enginerd® support that RTA has been delivering to satisfied customers all over the world since 1989. When you call, a live person will answer the phone. The support is from an engineer who had a hand in the product’s development. You won’t need a ticket and you won’t wait 24 hours for someone to get back to you.

Real Time Automation has been delivering innovative communications solutions to the industrial automation market since 1989. RTA products seamlessly integrate process equipment so control engineers and integrators can collect, analyze and interpret the real-time data needed to improve productivity and maximize efficiencies.

RTA is an employee-owned company that specializes in making easy-to-use connectivity products, including industrial protocol gateways, embedded source code stacks and customized OEM solutions. RTA’s products are used on factory floors all over the world and are backed by industry-leading Enginerd® tech support to help save time, money and aggravation. RTA industrial protocol gateways come with a five-year warranty, are made in the USA and are always in-stock, ready to ship the same day (with orders placed before 2:00 PM Central time).

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