Because of our success in providing quality communications products and an increase in requests for specialized programming assistance, we established our Engineering Services business in 1995. We provide Engineering Design, Testing and Manufacturing to major Fortune 100 companies. Whether you need a new design for an electronic sub-assembly, software for your operator interface, control software or testing with, or without assembly services, RTA, Inc. Engineering has the experience and know-how to get the job done for you.

Do you need assistance with engineering a board, a complete product developed or contract services?

We have just the right services to fulfill your needs. With over 50 years of design knowledge in both electronics and embedded software, we’re able to assist you with:

  • Simple to complex board designs and layouts
    • Single, double, or double sided multi-layer designs, both SMT and Thru-hole
  • Applying general microprocessor and DSP-based technologies for embedded applications
  • Complete electronic-based product development:
    • Packaging
    • Software generation
    • Hardware design and production
    • Technical and user documentation
    • Contract technical support
  • Connectivity
    • Ethernet
    • Serial Communications
    • Blue tooth RF
    • CAN
    • Custom gateways
    • EC1
  • Web-aware devices/applications
  • Software development and deployment for various platforms, 8, 16, and 32-bit targets, with/without OS
    • Assembly
    • C & C++
    • VB

With increasing downsizing and shorter product lifecycles many companies are strapped for resources. RTA, Inc. Engineering services bridge the gap. Our services allow companies to concentrate their internal resources on core technologies and developments related to their core businesses while RTA, Inc.. Outsourcing of peripheral and sometimes new core products becomes part of the strategic plan to meet the time-to-market, technology and customer delivery challenges. RTA, Inc. exists to serve precisely these needs. We have developed a premier capability to deliver innovative, high quality electronic designs in a very short time.

Contract Engineering Solutions from RTA, Inc.

  • Microprocessor / Microcontroller-based Hardware/Firmware Platforms
  • Connectivity Applications including Sensor Bus I/O (Profibus, DeviceNet, Ethernet and many others)
  • Proven Application Experience with 4-bit through 32-bit Devices
  • Complex, Real-Time Embedded Software Development
  • Integration of Power Electronics and Digital Control
  • Control and Remote Monitoring Networks
  • Stamping Press Control
  • Drive System Design and Connectivity
  • Custom Connectivity Applications
  • Barcode Systems
  • High Point Count Discrete I/O
  • 8-bit Analog I/O
  • 12-bit Analog I/O
  • Combination Discrete and Analog Systems
  • Current and Ground Fault Monitors
  • Intelligent I/O Modules
  • Rack and DIN Rail Mounted Systems
  • Distributed I/O Systems
  • Industrial RTU Systems

Key Engineering Expertise

  • Microprocessor / Microcontroller-based Hardware/Firmware Platforms
  •  Proven Application Experience with 4-bit through 32-bit Devices
  • Complex, Real-Time Embedded Software Development
  • Optimization of Hardware/Software Partitions
  • Integration of Power Electronics and Digital Controls
  • Control and Remote Monitoring Networks
  • Design for REAL-WORLD Applications
  • Effective Concurrent Engineering Methodology
  • LonWorks® Technology
  • Texas Instruments TMS320F24X Family of Digital Signal Processors
  • 4-bit through 32-bit Device Expertise
  • Motorola 68HC05 & 68HC11 & 68HC16 & 68360
  • Intel 8048 & 8051 & 8086
  • Echelon Neuron 3120 & 3150
  • NEC 75XX, V25, 78CXX, 78KO & 78K2
  • NSC COP400
  • Microchip PIC 16XX
  • Siemens 80C166

RTA, Inc. can deliver engineering services for your project: On-time and under-budget, guaranteed. We would be happy to discuess your plans and provide you with a quotation. Call our OEM sales manager at (262) 436-9299 or fill out our Project Information Request Form.