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Whether you’re a grizzled veteran of the factory floor or a relative newcomer just getting started, our team of RTA Enginerd professors will help you become more knowledgeable, more proficient and more successful at what you do.

A Quick Introduction…

These are the knuckleheads who’ll be holding you hostage while they present their educational material, lead discussion topics, assist during demonstrations and otherwise make your training experience as informative, as memorable and, most importantly, as fun as possible. That’s the goal, anyway.

Drew Baryenbruch

Drew joined RTA in 2006 as a Marketing Intern. After stints in production, services, and sales he eventually got lost and ended up in the corner office. His passion for manufacturing and automation continue to drive him each day. Drew’s fundamental belief is that better manufacturing and automation will mean a better tomorrow for our country, planet, and mankind. In his current role as president, he is in awe of the smarter, more talented people on the RTA team that bring his manufacturing mission to life. Drew and the RTA team are saving the world from inaccessible factory floor data.

Jamin Wendorf

Do you like bits and bytes on the wire? Jamin can’t get enough! He started at Real Time Automation in 1997 while earning his BS in Computer Science from UW-Milwaukee. Over the years he has developed many of the industrial communication protocol implementations that RTA uses internally in its products and sells to its customers. Jamin has traveled the world integrating software and teaching companies about various technologies. After 25+ years, he’s now mentoring the next generation of industrial communication experts at RTA. He’s pretty sure it’s not going well.

Scott Zukewich

Since joining Real Time Automation in 2008, Scott (BS Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) has become a thought leader of industrial automation communication protocols, helping thousands of customers integrate devices into control systems and industrial communication protocols into their products. He is an active Board Member and Treasurer for the International Society of Automation (Milwaukee Chapter) and was named to Control Engineering’s Engineering Leaders Under 40, Class of 2022. And according to the mug on his desk, Scott is the World’s Best Dad.

Mike Denzien

In joining RTA in 2022, Mike brings with him the experience of growing a two-person bespoke simulation modeling practice into a $4MM modeling service business providing computer models to manufacturers of all sizes. He has enjoyed a decades-long career in software product development, holds an MBA with High Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and teaches Cloud Computing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in his spare time. Mike also makes blanket forts under his desk.

Andrew Tyler

Andrew began at RTA in 2015 as a Software Engineer hoping to enable industrial communications on many projects large and small. He has a particular fondness for CIP and EtherNet/IP, but he appreciates every protocol for the unique and special snowflake it is. Graduating from the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a BS in Computer Engineering, he is a lifelong computer nerd, video gamer and science fiction fan. He proudly embodies so many other engineering stereotypes too numerous to list and it is immediately apparent upon meeting him.

Malcolm Bowie

Malcolm has been helping the Gateway team with new hardware, testing and integration of new technologies since joining RTA in 2020. He got his start in software and hardware development creating video systems for helicopters while at UW-Milwaukee. Malcolm enjoys flight simulators, custom keyboards and various other electronics projects in his free time. He kills time with a thousand paper cuts.

Luke Fiebig

Luke joined the Application Software Engineering team at RTA in 2023 following his graduation from Marquette with a BS in Computer Engineering. Since then, he has developed and integrated improved software features for many of RTA’s gateways as well as performing testing on RTA’s newest products. During his time at RTA, he has created a table sports league as self-appointed commissioner and has been known to be a smack talker to his opponents. In the fall he cheers the Green Bay Packers on to another heart-breaking NFC Championship game loss. In the winter, despite being a “ski school dropout” he considers himself to be an avid skier.

Mike Povlich

Mike graduated with an Associate’s Degree (focused on Automation System Technologies) from Waukesha Country Technical Collage in 2017. Since then, he’s been troubleshooting the industrial networks and systems of RTA clients across the globe. He specializes in Allen-Bradley protocols but is proficient in over 15 major industrial technologies. Mike is an avid boardgame collector…and sometimes he even gets to play them. An ingrown toenail thwarted his career as a sumo wrestler.

Sam Clark

Since joining Real Time Automation in 2021, Sam has been supporting customers by taking their problems and turning them into solutions. This often involves diving deep into customer applications, reading a lot of user guides, talking through the issue with everyone involved and occasionally getting to tinker with some really cool robots. When he isn’t busy looking for solutions for customers, he typically spends his time playing various video games or coding AIs to solve basic problems. The Zen koan What is the sound of one hand clapping? keeps Sam up at night.

Danny Boettcher

Danny started as an intern in 2022. After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with a BS in Computer Science in 2023, Danny became a full-time team member with the Communications team focusing his efforts on Modbus. During his time at RTA, Danny has gotten to work with many different protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus and PROFINET. In his spare time Danny runs a Dungeons and Dragons campaign for his friends and plays sand volleyball in the summer. He also is the top seeded ping pong player in the RTA ping pong league.

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