Collect all five prizes to claim your


Remember as a kid, how excited you were to find the prize inside the cereal box or in your Happy Meal? It was always exciting to see what you’d end up with!

As adults, we need a little more fun and nostalgia in our daily lives. So, the Enginerds® here at RTA thought, what better way to add a little more fun to your day than by opening your gateway box to find a prize inside? But wait, there’s more…

Every time you order an RTA gateway, you will receive one of five prizes. Save those prizes! When you receive one of each type of prize, you can claim your free drone!

Please Note: We apologize, but we are unable to ship outside of the US.

Collect all five prizes below:

Show us all the fun, unique ways you use your prizes to pass time, have fun, or even to distract your fellow coworkers. Take a fun picture of you with all five prizes, but don’t forget to be creative!

To claim your drone, email us at with that picture along with your name, company, and mailing address, and we’ll send you your free drone. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Here are some sample pictures to really get your creativity flowing: