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We know the world of industrial communications can be a bit overwhelming. We also know that it may not be your area of expertise – but luckily, it’s ours. That’s why we’ve provided this library as a guide to help you understand exactly what we’re talking about. From the endless acronyms to the networks, these pages will help make sense of it all.

Industrial Automation Acronyms

ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
ACK – Acknowledgment
AI – Analog Input
AMD – Advanced Micro Devices
ANSI – American National Standards Institute
ANSI-C– American National Standards Institute- Programming Language Read More Here…


Industrial Networking University

Welcome to Industrial Networking University, presented by Real Time Automation.

The courses below will offer you an easy-to-follow introduction. Each course contains two tests which will be scored at the end. The courses below are all free and you are welcome to take as many courses as you wish.   Read More Here…

Digital Library

Technology Reference Materials

Ethernet/IP Protocol Overview

DeviceNet Protocol Overview
DeviceNet_Overview_R3.pdf   Read More Here…

Serial Device Isolation & Grounding

Protect Your Serial Devices from Burn Outs and Shorts

The prevention of transients, having proper ground, and isolation are important considerations when implementing a manufacturing control system. Inadequate or faulty protection strategies can lead to premature device   Read More Here…

What is Industrial Ethernet?

How Does it Differ from Commercial Ethernet?

Ethernet is a well known and recognized technology in the home and office environment. Recently it has become the hottest trend in moving data in industrial applications on the factory floor.  Read More Here…

Guide to Ethernet Troubleshooting

1. Are all devices powered?
Power any unpowered devices

2. Are the link and activity lights lit?
The Link LED indicates if there is a physical link between two Ethernet devices. The Activity LED indicates if Ethernet packets are moving   Read More Here…

Industrial Ethernet Book

by Perry S. Marshall, John S. Rinaldi

This book is a convenient installation, troubleshooting, and reference tool on one of the hottest topics in automation and process control. It will help you understand important Ethernet and TCP/IP terminology and provide important information about the new industrial protocols.   Read More Here…


An OPC UA Overview for those of us who are not Networking Gurus

OPC UA: The Basics is an Everyman’s overview of OPC UA. This is not a hardcore technical specification that digs down to the smallest bits and bytes of OPC UA. This is a high level overview of the protocol for someone without 20 years of experience in embedded programming.   Read More Here…

Modbus: The Everyman’s Guide to Modbus Book

How a Protocol Born in the 1970’s Has Stayed Relevant in Automation for Over 30 Years

Modbus has found its way into thousands of applications and hundreds of thousands of devices. And even in this age of the Internet, Cloud data storage and the Internet of Things (IoT), Modbus will continue to be relevant for many years to come because of its utter simplicity.   Read More Here…

OPC UA – Unified Architecture: The Everyman’s Guide to OPC UA Book

The Everyman’s Guide to the Most Important Information Technology in Industrial Automation

What is OPC UA is a very simple question. The answer when you are discussing a complex technology architecture like OPC UA isn’t as simple.   Read More Here…