Your devices and systems are generating mountains of valuable data you are not capturing. This data is key to increase efficiency and avoiding unnecessary downtime. With the Raptor Data Historian, you can easily aggregate the data from Allen-Bradley PLCs and Modbus systems. The tool allows you to monitor, alarm, and report on the data being generated by your systems and devices. You can utilize these logs of data to make smarter business decisions on your factory floor or you can forward the data along to a cloud platform.


The Historian allows you to access the data inside your PLC and log it. Designed to help you implement preventative maintenance, gain efficiency measurements, track assets, and monitor the usage of your automation systems. You get access to the data already available in your systems and can log it at regular intervals for historic comparison.


The Historian operates locally, so there’s no reliance on internet connectivity or monthly service fees. This device is ideal for operating in securely closed control network environments, perfect for smaller manufacturers and machine builders. You have full control of your data and access to all of it, so you can move your data when, where and how you want.


You can easily apply alarms to any data points. This allows your device to email you when it’s getting over temperature, is seeing abnormal vibrations, has encountered an error, or lost connection. You can pinpoint the exact time and event that important events occurred by reading your email. You can then use the historic logs to search for other anomalies.

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Machine Monitoring

The power of data has been the buzz of technology for the better part of a decade. You can’t visit a tech provider without hearing IoT, AI, and Big data. Yet for the vast majority of small manufacturers, the complex systems being pitched are overkill. You really don’t need an AI applying an unlimited arsenal of algorithms to a manufacturing line that consists of a PLC and six devices. If you had a tool that could be easily set up to log a few hundred points of data and alarm on a subset of those points, you could add a ton of value with far less overhead. That is what the Raptor Historian is designed to do. Give you a locally-hosted tool that is designed to be used by a control engineer.

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It’s never been easier to log data from your devices and systems. The Raptor Data Historian is easy to use and faster to deploy. You’ll be monitoring your system in no time with a simple, browser-based user interface, optional alarming, customized dashboards, and widgets, and if need be, our industry-leading expert support.


  • Alarms and email notifications will alert you to critical data changes in your application
  • Data scaling to normalize your data for easy use and visualization
  • Simple browser-based user interface
  • Easy-to-use diagnostics to troubleshoot your application
  • Forward data directly from your PLCs and devices to your database

Current Protocols (with more coming)

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I was extremely pleased with amount and the quality of support I received from RTA. Porting their code over to my non-standard application was a minor monumental task to say the least, but they were with me every step of the way. RTA was as determined to make my project work as I was, Thanks RTA!

Bob Hohentanner / Acromag Inc.

We have worked with Real Time Automation on a variety of projects over the past few years. I have consistently found them enthusiastic to work with us throughout the development process to ensure that we receive a communications solution that meets our needs. More importantly, their commitment to providing timely support services after the initial release of the system is truly exemplary.

Ken Fonstad / Danfoss Graham