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Why Do Major Fortune 500 Companies Outsource Engineering to Real Time Automation, Inc.?

Time-To-Market Issues
Product life cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. Customers are demanding more and more customized product delivered quickly in smaller batches. Technology advances occur at a dizzying rate. In this competitive environment, many successful companies concentrate their internal resources on core technologies and developments related to their core businesses. Outsourcing of peripheral and sometimes new core products becomes part of the strategic plan to meet the time-to-market, technology and customer delivery challenges. RTA, Inc. exists to serve precisely these needs. We have developed a premier capability to deliver innovative, high quality electronic designs in a very short time.

Lack of Resources
With increasing downsizing and shorter product lifecycles many companies are strapped for resources. RTA, Inc. helps our customers bridge that gap by providing true concept to delivery product development capabilities including software, embedded firmware, configuration tools, user documentation, testing, packaging design and agency certification.

Technical Expertise
In today’s world, it is very difficult for any one company to provide technical expertise in the wide variety of technologies used for Industrial Automation. The business climate demands intelligent strategic partnerships that add value to your product. RTA, Inc. is focused to deliver that kind of partnership and provide significant value to our customers. We continually evaluate and embrace tools, services and technologies that allow us to fulfill our customer mission more successfully.

Key Engineering Expertise

  • Microprocessor / Microcontroller-based Hardware/Firmware Platforms
  • Connectivity Applications including Sensor Bus I/O (Profibus, DeviceNet and SDS)
  • Proven Application Experience with 4-bit through 32-bit Devices
  • Complex, Real-Time Embedded Software Development
  • Integration of Power Electronics and Digital Control
  • Control and Remote Monitoring Networks
  • Stamping Press Control
  • Drive System Design and Connectivity
  • Custom Connectivity applications
  • Barcode Systems

RTA, Inc. can deliver engineering services for your project: On-time and under-budget, guaranteed. We would be happy to discuess your plans and provide you with a quotation. Call our OEM sales manager at (262) 436-9299 or fill out our Project Information Request Form