Connect DH+ Devices to DF1 PLCs

Connect up to five DF1 PLCs with as many as 32 DH+ devices





Map Your Legacy PLC Data Tables into Your DF1 Devices

DF1 protocol consists of link layer and application layer formats. DF1 works in over half duplex and full duplex modes of communication. Now you can map all of your legacy serial PLCs data tables over to your web server or client! Any of your old serial PLCs like the PLC5 or SLC can now provide data to your DH+ devices efficiently.

How Do I Use the 460DFMDHM-D2E in My Application?

First, you configure the 460DFMWI using the browser-based configuration pages. You’ll identify the data set to read / write on your DF1 slaves. Once that’s complete, you’ll map, name, and group the data to be presented as XML or JSON files. Your application can issue standard HTTP GET or POST instructions to move data into your application. Up to 1000 data points can be moved in each direction. No message instructions and no ladder to alter in many cases.

What Is DF1 and What It Can Do for You?

Discover whether a DF1 aligns with your specific needs. Check out our blog post on DF1 — DF1 is very important in a lot of legacy applications. There are still millions of legacy programmable controllers that use DF1 and PCCC communications. To keep these programmable controllers viable, RTA has added DF1 Master communications to its line of gateways. You can now move data in and out of the data tables of the old PLCs, SLCs, and some of the Logix family of controllers using front port communications with the RTA gateways.

Why Use Real Time Automation as a Gateway Supplier?

While there are certainly other companies offering protocol gateways, there is no one who provides the level of support and service that you receive from Real Time Automation. When you call us, a live person answers the phone. If you talk with our sales team, you will get honest answers and recommendations. And rest assured, all the support you get is from an engineer who had a hand in the product’s development, and support doesn’t need a ticket or 24-hour wait. We get back to you as soon as possible. It’s an RTA promise.

DH+ Features

Operation Mode: DH+ Master
PLCs Supported: 5/04, PLC5
Maximum Devices Supported: 32
Scan Lines: 100 input / 100 output
Supported Data Types: 100 Integers or 100 Binaries, or 50 floats, 82 character string per Scan line

DF1 Master Features

Operation Modes: DFM Full Duplex and DFM Half Duplex
PLCs Supported: MicroLogix 1000, SLC 5/03 5/04 5/05, most PLC5s
Maximum number of Devices supported: 1 in Full Duplex Mode, 32 in Half Duplex
Data Type Supported: 100 Integers or 100 Binaries, or 50 floats, 82 character string per scan line
Scan lines: 100 input, 100 output
Physical Connections: RS485 and RS232

What our Customers are Saying

“I challenged a customer to get it working by the time I got back from his break room with a Coke and he indeed had it working when I got back. He then said, "It’s worth twice the price!"”

Eric P. / Kendall Electric

“Everything seems to be working as we imagined. Thanks for the great response time. I did not see any way to save the configuration other than screen shots, but the configuration did not get lost in the update. Thanks again, and you were a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin L. / Extol, Inc.