Connect Your Legacy N2 Systems to BACnet/IP

Metasys® N2 to BACnet/IP

Product Description

Connect Your Legacy N2 Systems to BACnet/IP
The S4 Open router moves data between up to 256 N2 devices and a BACnet/IP system. The router is flexible enough to monitor data transparently alongside an existing N2 master or it can be used to replace your legacy controls with a BACnet/IP control system.

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Discovery Tools and Device Templates Make integration a Breeze!
The S4 Open Router comes with a N2 device discovery tool and a complete list of predefined N2 device profiles. These templates along with a N2 auto detect feature makes integration of an entire N2 network into a project that takes a few hours, not a few days.

Legacy Migration at a Pace You Define.
Let’s face it N2 has been put out to pasture. If you can still find replacement N2 components you have inevitably noticed the prices soaring as a few suppliers capitalize on a legacy monopoly. The beauty of the S4 Open router is that it is designed to help you transition to native BACnet devices at your pace.

Eventually you’ll want all your devices to be BACnet enabled devices but having the power to control that transition can save an immense amount time, money and trouble. There is no need to retool an entire building in one disruptive and expensive sweep. The S4 Open router allows you to retool and upgrade to BACnet device replacements on a node by node basis. You can upgrade by department, building, device age or device importance. The point is the S4 Open Router lets you manage the transition and upgrade on your terms.

Why is Real Time Automation selling a Router from the S4 Group?
We are happy that many customers consider RTA their first choice supplier for gateway solution. When we noticed a significant number of you asking for a N2 to BACnet/IP gateway we set out to find or build the right solution. After a great deal of research partnering with The S4 Open group was a no brainer.

Their experience in the N2 market and incredibly well thought out product offered all the benefits we try to offer in the products we design plus they had features we would never have considered as N2 novices.

This product has an amazing user centric design and feature set that makes commissioning the router extremely easy. We believe the solution is truly best in class and are pleased to offer it to you.

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