Modbus RTU Server Source Code Stack

Modbus RTU Server Source Code Stack

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The Royalty Free Modbus RTU Source Code development kit is the simplest and easiest way to connect your automation device to Modbus RTU Clients from PCs or PLCs from companies like Groupe Schneider and Rockwell Automation. You can be Modbus RTU enabled in one day for simple devices with little data, like a valve controller, or several days for a sophisticated device with many registers and coils, like a motor drive. With your royalty free Modbus RTU license, you can ship unlimited binaries and never pay another dollar.

Why Modbus RTU?
The simple architecture and function code interface of Modbus RTU makes it the most common industrial network in North America. It is supported and implemented in the majority of industrial automation networks in North America. To effectively sell your device into that massive market, you need to be Modbus RTU enabled.

How Do You Get Modbus RTU enabled?
The kit provides you with the encoding/decoding, transport and the required application layer interfaces. You provide the mapping from the Modbus RTU data encoding (16-bit unsigned registers and 1-bit coils) to your internal data encoding allowing you to modify or extend your Modbus RTU data model without outside assistance.

Real Time Automation supports many operating systems, but here are a few that are the most common:

  • Windows
  • VxWorks
  • Net Silicon
  • Rabbit
  • Quadros
  • Netburner
  • Freescale
  • Linux
  • Mentor Nucleus
  • Open TCP
  • Microchip
  • PowerQUICC II Pro

The Key To Integrating Modbus RTU Correctly…
The most critical step in your integration is creating an effective Modbus RTU address space. You understand your device, its capabilities and data. The Modbus RTU experts at RTA understand how engineers use Modbus RTU Clients to access Modbus RTU Server devices. You can get expert assistance in building an address space that meets your customers expectations for reliability, functionality and ease-of-use.

What’s Included In The Development Kit?
The Real Time Automation Royalty Free, Modbus RTU Development Kit includes the No Royalty Source Code license, support for the most implemented Modbus RTU functions, single task source code, a ready-to-run sample application, complete documentation and much more.

When you purchase the Modbus RTU Server Source Code you get a product developed with more than 3,000 hours of engineering time. This is a solution that has been used in everything from barcode readers to valve controllers to PLCs and HMIs, this software package is reliable and thoroughly tested in demanding industrial applications.

What Is the Modbus RTU Development Kit?
The Modbus RTU Server Development Kit provides the software required to implement the Modbus RTU Server Protocol. A device with this software can read and write Registers and Coils in Modbus RTU Server Devices. The development kit is a collection of “C” source files. These source files encode Modbus RTU messages and decode responses from Modbus RTU Server devices. The software requires access to a RTU/IP sockets and functions to read, write and check the socket. It also requires a timer tick that it can use to implement the serial communications timeout.

Why Use a Real Time Automation Source Code Development Kit?
You have many alternatives for getting connected to a Modbus RTU Network. There are other vendors selling toolkits and open source solutions that you can use. You can use any of these solutions to Modbus RTU enable your device but there is no other alternative like RTA. With the RTA Development kits you get a solution 100% written in-house by RTA. You can work with the Modbus RTU experts that wrote the code. You’ll get a solution designed specifically for embedded microcontrollers. You’ll be supported from day 1 all the way through the optional conformance testing and beyond.

Is This Really Royalty Free?
Yes, there are no ongoing costs other than an optional maintenance program and your optional subscription to the Modbus IDA Organization.

What is the development process?
The process begins with a detailed walk through once you’ve received the source code and a joint meeting to design the application interface that meets your application requirements. You can get as much or as little assistance as you desire. For more information on the process contact one of the RTA Application Engineers by clicking Contact Us at the top of the page.

What to Do Next
Your next step is to contact the RTA Project Manager and schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your application.

  • Royalty Free Modbus RTU Server Source Code
  • 100% ANSI “C” Based Source Code
  • No Nonsense Single Product Line Licensing and No Ongoing Royalties
  • Easy-to-use Single Task Implementation
  • Fully Compatible with All PLC Master Modules
  • Unlimited Number of Registers/Coils—Limited only by available RAM
  • Guaranteed to Pass Self-Certification Tests
  • Complete Integration Guide for Developing Modbus RTU Devices
  • Fully Compatible with any 8/16/32 bit processor with a UART