Support Request Form

Trouble with your Gateway? Real Time Automation’s Enginerds® are here to help!



Q: What if I ordered or received an incorrect product? Can I send it back for a replacement?

A: Depending on your application and your connection needs, the majority of RTA products can be easily flashed to a different part number to meet your needs. Contact the RTA Support team for the firmware at 262-436-9299 or by giving us your contact information and clicking ‘Submit’ at the bottom of this form.

Q: What is the default IP Address?

A: RTA ships units out as DHCP.  Simply locate the Accessing Browser Configuration guide on the CD or via this link.

Q: Are there any example codes for the PLC with your product?

A: Current the only example is for the 435/490 product line. We do have simple ladder Logix examples for handshaking and an AOI available for download by clicking here.

Q: What is the power requirement for your hardware?

A: All units require 12-24VDC

Q: What sort of Integration Services you provide?

A: RTA prides itself on our easy to use products; however, few have the time or desire to configure 100 data points and mapping. RTA offers custom part numbers and device template solutions to make the process as drop and place as possible. Call the RTA Solutions team for more details on these tools at 262-436-9299 or by emailing

Q: Does RTA recommend any third-party tools for troubleshooting?

A: Reference RTA’s blog called The Art of CYA: Useful Troubleshooting Tools providing information to some useful tools and adapters.