Connect your DeviceNet PLC to BACnet/IP

A perfect tool to add a DeviceNet PLC to your BACnet/IP building automation system





Move DeviceNet Master Data To Your Building Automation Systems
The 460DSBS moves data between a DeviceNet Master and a BACnet/IP enabled Building Automation System (BAS). You can now move your DeviceNet PLC data into a Building Automation System on BACnet/IP. This module provides complete communication to a DeviceNet Master from a BACnet/IP Client. The unit provides BACnet/IP Client data to a DeviceNet network as DeviceNet data and provides BACnet/IP Client data to a DeviceNet Master as BACnet/IP Client data.

With the 460DSBS you have a device that you can quickly deploy and easily configure to access and integrate DeviceNet data into your BACnet/IP network.

Turn Your DeviceNet Data into BACnet/IP I/O Data
Now, with the 460DSBS you can capture DeviceNet data as BACnet/IP data and easily integrate it with your building automation BACnet/IP systems.

The 460DSBS exists for one purpose and one purpose only, to move data between a BACnet system and a DeviceNet Master. This means that you never have to deal with (or pay for) additional features you don’t need. You won’t have to search through a few-hundred page manual or burn the midnight oil to set up this unit. The 460DSBS is designed for a single purpose: to move data from your BACnet/IP Client to a DeviceNet PLC.

Eliminate DeviceNet Legacy Device Issues
You finally have a tool designed to save all those DeviceNet devices from the scrap pile. You can now take any legacy DeviceNet device and connect it to a BACnet/IP Client. There is no need to replace working, reliable and trusted devices with new BACnet enabled unfamiliar devices.

Move Your Data Bi-directionally
You can both send data to your DeviceNet PLC from a BACnet/IP Client and receive data from your DeviceNet Master. Up to 200 bytes of DeviceNet data can be transferred.

Configure Your Data Transfer from a Web Page
All the data transfer is configurable using the embedded web server. You define the DeviceNet Slave address, baud rate, and parity.

The 460DSBS is the Smart Connection solution for moving data between a DeviceNet PLC and a BACnet/IP Client.

DeviceNet Slave Features

DeviceNet Operation Modes: DeviceNet Slave
Supported Data Types: Int8, int16, int32, int64, uint8, uint16, uint32, uint61, float, double float, binary8, binary16, binary32
Maximum Connections: 1
Maximum Input Size: 240 Bytes in up to 15 Data Groups
Maximum Output Size: 240 Bytes in up to 15 Data Groups

BACnet/IP Server Features

BACnet/IP Operation Modes: BACnet/IP Server
Supported Object Types: Device, Binary I/O, Analog I/O, Character String Value
Supported Service Codes: Read & Read Multiple-B, Write & Write Multiple-B, COV & COV unsolicited-B, Device Dynamic Binding, Dynamic Object Binding-B, Device Communication Control-B
Maximum Connections: 1
Analog Objects Supported: 1200 Input and 1200 Output
Binary Objects Supported: 1600 Input and 1600 Output

What our Customers are Saying

“I challenged a customer to get it working by the time I got back from his break room with a Coke and he indeed had it working when I got back. He then said, "It’s worth twice the price!"”

Eric P. / Kendall Electric

“Everything seems to be working as we imagined. Thanks for the great response time. I did not see any way to save the configuration other than screen shots, but the configuration did not get lost in the update. Thanks again, and you were a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin L. / Extol, Inc.