Connect Modbus TCP/IP Devices to EtherNet/IP PLC's

Easily tie Modbus TCP/IP devices into your EtherNet/IP Controller





The 460ESMC connects up to 32 Modbus TCP/IP devices to an EtherNet/IP PLC. It’s a simple tool that enables you to use the plethora of available Modbus TCP/IP devices in your EtherNet/IP architectures.

How Do I Use the 460ESMC in My Application?

For Most applications, you can map the data very straightforwardly. You map Modbus Register and Coil data to EtherNet/IP IO blocks. You can move up to 480 bytes of data in each direction between EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP. It really is that simple.

Need to modify your data as it passes from one protocol to the other? No problem. You can modify each data mapping you apply with up to 3 mathematic functions. Easily add 4 to a value, multiply by 4, and divide by 10.

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Why Use Real Time Automation as a Gateway Supplier?

The 460ESMC offers an option to connect Modbus TCP/IP Server devices to an EtherNet/IP Scanner device. While certainly other companies offer stand-alone gateways, no one provides the level of support and service that RTA offers. When you call, a live person answers the phone. If you speak with sales, you receive honest answers and recommendations, even if that means recommending someone else’s solution. When you get support, it comes from an engineer who had a hand in the product’s development, and support doesn’t require a ticket or 24-hour wait. We are unashamed of the fact that we are a smaller company because that means you mean a lot more to us.

Ethernet/IP Adapter Features

Operation Modes: EtherNet/IP Adapter
Message Support: Implicit, Explicit UCMM
Data Types: BIT8,16 & 32; INT8, 16, 32 & 64; UINT8,16, 32 & 64; Float & Double
Maximum EtherNet/IP Scanner Devices: Up to 10 can listen, only one can write I/O
Max Data Per Adapter Connection: Up to 480 bytes in each direction

Modbus TCP/IP Client Features

Modbus Operation Modes: Modbus TCP/IP Client
Function Codes Supported: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15 and 16
Swapping: Byte and Word Swapping
Maximum Modbus TCP/IP Server Devices: 32
Number Read/Write Scan Lines per Server Device: 200 Total - 100 reads & 100 writes
Scan Line Support: Up to 125 Registers or 512 Coils

What our Customers are Saying

“I challenged a customer to get it working by the time I got back from his break room with a Coke and he indeed had it working when I got back. He then said, "It’s worth twice the price!"”

Eric P. / Kendall Electric

“Everything seems to be working as we imagined. Thanks for the great response time. I did not see any way to save the configuration other than screen shots, but the configuration did not get lost in the update. Thanks again, and you were a pleasure to work with.”

Kevin L. / Extol, Inc.