RTConnect Modbus TCP Enablement Module

Adding Modbus TCP to Your Device Has Never Been Easier

Adding Modbus TCP to your product will no longer require a long or complicated product redesign. With the RTConnect module, remove the technical burden of integrating communications software into your device’s application. Any existing device with a serial port can now add Modbus TCP with a simple PCB alteration.

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RTConnect Modbus TCP Enablement Module


How Does the Module Work?

Simply supply the module with 3.3VDC and route your existing serial interface to the module. The module can be configured to interface with your device over Modbus RTU or ASCII commands. You don’t have to change any application code in your device. The RTConnect Module maps data to and from your device for presentation on EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and BACnet/IP networks.

What Work Do I Have to Do to Use This Module?

Our goal is simple, this integration is a hardware project, no change to your software. You don’t have to drop in an API (like some other solutions!), eliminating coding. Simply put… we do the work.

Eliminate the Overhead of Protocol Deployment

Deploying and maintaining the growing variants of communication technology is untenable for most device manufactures. The resources required are immense and the effort is a distraction from focusing on your device’s core features and functions. The RTConnect Module removes that burden. You get an entire suite of protocols to help you access the leading automation market segments.

The Benefit of a Protocol Partner

Every year communication standards evolve. New features and performance standards are enhanced. It’s also true that simply bringing a conformant device to market doesn’t mean it will be easy for your customer to use in their applications. An expert partner that can maintain the protocol IP and offer expert consultation on topics like data modeling and navigating conformance is imperative to success. The RTConnect Module is backed by a team singularly focused on the communication protocol experience.

What Does Guaranteed Stock Release Plan Mean?

Once we have worked with you to develop your custom part complete with data mapping, we will review your quantity commitments, needs and timing each year and we’ll guarantee stock plus two releases are available to pull up as needed.

What Is the Development Process and What Are the Associated Costs?

At the start of each project, you meet with device communications consultants. They work with you to understand the data available from your device and then advise on the appropriate data models for each presentation protocol. That information is turned into configuration files and you’re issued a customer part number, allowing you to order parts pre-loaded with your configuration. Your customers will never know the connector is a gateway.

We also offer services to support you through device certification for EtherNet/IP.

What Are My Next Steps?

Call a member of our team to talk through your particular application needs and explore how the RTConnect Module can be integrated into your product. We can even schedule a webinar with you and/or your team to walk through the module and development process.

What our Customers are Saying

“When it came to getting the job done, we turned to Real Time Automation, and they performed. RTA helped us figure out a complex communications interface problem in short order, and provided hardware and software modification requirements for implementation before we even got off the plane!”

Kevin L. / HTS Engineering Ltd.

“We have worked with Real Time Automation on a variety of projects over the past few years. I have consistently found them enthusiastic to work with us throughout the development process to ensure that we receive a communications solution that meets our needs. More importantly, their commitment to providing timely support services after the initial release of the system is truly exemplary.”

Ken F. / Danfoss Graham