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Your Favorite RTA Gateway – Now Wireless!

Running cabling on your factory floor can be a very expensive proposition. There are the physical obstacles of walls, floors, and equipment coupled with environmental considerations. Harsh environments deteriorate wires, users break cables, vibrations loosen connections, and wash downs waterlog cabling creating faults. These factors can all lead to a high cost of ownership for some wired networks.

Wireless 802.11 connectivity eliminates these concerns. Wi-Fi industrial gateways allow for wireless communication between PLCs and other wireless devices. Machines that are mobile, such as pickers and cranes, are able to move around with fewer restrictions thanks to wireless connectivity.

Wireless 802.11 Gateway Solutions Featuring:

  • Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4GHz with AES Encryption 128-bit
  • Configurable ports to meet your downstream connectivity needs
  • UL, C/UL, RoHS, and Div1Class2 certifications to meet your application’s safety requirements
  • Effortless browser-based configuration – no programming software required
  • Simple data translation allows you to manipulate data as it passes between protocols
  • Lower cost integration with less required wiring and connectors
  • Guaranteed stock and 5-year hardware warranty

Wireless Options Available for Your Favorite RTA Gateway:


The easiest way to find the perfect gateway for your needs is to use the product selector located at the top of each page. Select the product you would like to connect, the product you would like to connect to, then click the “VIEW” button to see all product options.

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