Allen-Bradley PLC Tag Client

Read and Write to Allen-Bradley PLC Data Tables

The Fastest Way to Enable Your Product To Read and Write PLC Tags

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The Best Way to Move Data Directly into the Tags of Your PLC
Allen-Bradley Programmable Controllers supporting EtherNet/IP are prevalent in manufacturing operations world wide. These Programmable Controllers manage conveyor lines, water treatment plants, breweries and every other kind of industrial environment imaginable.

But with their Tag-based architecture, accessing the data tables of ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix, and PLC5/05 controllers is complicated and time consuming. Not only must you manage long ASCII string names, but the command sets to access these advanced controllers are equally daunting.

Today you have a unique, easy-to-use no royalty ANSI C source code communication stack that does nothing other than read and write tags from the data table of a PLC.

It handles the low level TCP connections, the EtherNet/IP session layer communications and everything else that you don’t care or need to know about. All you need to do is give your Tag Client enabled device an Ethernet TCP/IP Address. Then input the tag names to read from and the tag names to write to. It’s that easy! Data is flowing directly from the tags in the data table of your Allen-Bradley PLC.

The Real Time Automation EtherNet/IP Allen-Bradley PLC Tag Client Stack offers the quickest method of integrating a ControlLogix, CompactLogix, MicroLogix or SLC5/05 Programmable Controller into your application.

The Simple Facts:
This product is Royalty Free ANSI C Source Code that moves data between an Allen-Bradley PLC and an embedded system running Windows, Linux, VxWorks or another OS.

With this development kit you can:

  • Read or Write Allen-Bradley PLC Tags from your Windows PC
  • Read or Write Allen-Bradley PLC Tags from your Linux Embedded Controller
  • Read or Write Allen-Bradley PLC Tags from your VxWorks Embedded controller
  • Read or Write Allen-Bradley PLC Tags from other Embedded Controllers

How Do You Use This Software:

  • Make a function call to open a connection to the Allen-Bradley Programmable Controller
  • Fill a structure with the list of tags to Read or Write from your PLC data table
  • Make a function call to send that list to the PLC
  • Wait for a call back with the results

Real Time Automation supports many operating systems, but here are a few that are the most common:

  • Windows
  • VxWorks
  • Net Silicon
  • Rabbit
  • Quadros
  • Netburner
  • Freescale
  • Linux
  • Mentor Nucleus
  • Open TCP
  • Microchip
  • PowerQUICC II Pro

Taking The First Step
You need to connect to an Allen-Bradley PLC but probably don’t know much about how to do it and certainly don’t have a year or more to properly code it in house, deploy it and ring it out in 10 or 20 prototype systems. You make devices that do all kinds of wonderful things but you’re not an industrial networking expert nor should you be. That’s where we come in. Our only business is helping automation people just like you get network enabled. It is all we’ve been doing for more than 20 years.

What You’re Going To Get
Outta the box you’ll get not only the Tag Client source code but a working Windows project that you can use to test it, the interface for many TCP/IP stacks, and an extensive user manual. Some folks have been able to take this tool and get messaging working within a few hours!

OK, Why Real Time Automation?
Real Time Automation is your best solution for helping you communicate with an Allen-Bradley PLC. This EtherNet/IP royalty free source code stack is a single task solution for EtherNet/IP. This solution was built from the ground up specifically for embedded microcontroller applications. It has an incredibly straight forward, easy to understand API that makes integration of EtherNet/IP into your device almost effortless.

The support and responsiveness of our support team is second to none. You receive support from the engineers that wrote the code and sit on the committees that define it. When you call RTA you will never get an automated voice or redirected to India. You get a live, industry recognized EtherNet/IP expert. That is the RTA difference.

What to Do Next
Your next step is to contact the RTA Project Manager and schedule a telephone consultation to discuss your application.

  • Fully Compatible with any Berkley Sockets type TCP/IP Stacks
  • Easy-to-use Single Task Implementation
  • Example C/ C++ applications included
  • Access any tag in Rockwell Logix Programmable Controllers
  • “No nonsense” Single Product Line licensing with no royalties
  • Ready-to-run, sample application that can be immediately compiled, downloaded and executed
  • Support EtherNet/IP on most sockets-based TCP/IP stacks
  • Quickly and Easily Implemented
  • You Can Seamlessly Integrate Into Large Base of Rockwell Automation EtherNet/IP Systems
  • No Hassle From Burdensome Licensing Requirements
  • You Can Quickly Create Your Application From the Sample Object Definitions
  • You Can Get Started Immediately by Running The Sample Application