BACnet Source Code Stack

Easily Add BACnet Communications to Your Device

The BACnet Source Code Stack development kits offer you a tool to quickly and easily add BACnet communication to your product line. The packages offer royalty-free source codes and the expert services you need to successfully deploy conformant BACnet devices.


  • 100% C-based source code
  • No nonsense, single product line licensing with no ongoing royalties
  • Easy-to-use single task implementation
  • Complete integration guide for developing BACnet devices
  • 30-day, no risk guarantee

BACnet Source Code Stack

SKU: 499BN

What Is BACnet?

BACnet™ is the international standard for data communications in building automation and control. If you have a need to connect to a BACnet controller or read and write BACnet devices, there are two choices. Spin it in-house or buy a solution. An in-house development is not impossible but meeting the BTL standard (BACnet Test Laboratory) is usually more time consuming and expensive than it appears. A proven industry solution is a low-risk, fast to market, economically smart decision.

When you integrate our BACnet Source Code Stack into your device, you jumpstart the conversion of your devices to BACnet. With this easy-to-implement, single task, standard C solution that can be customized for your I/O and data requirements, you accelerate your time to market and conserve precious development resources that can be used on other software tasks.

What You Get?

Our BACnet development kit is a set of modular software components that provide BACnet/IP server functionality (your device acting as a BACnet device), BACnet/IP client functionality (your device as a BACnet controller), BACnet MS/TP master functionality (your device as an RS-485 master) and BACnet MS/TP slave functionality (your device as an RS-485 slave). Your device can support any of these operation modes using the same code base.

The royalty-free, BACnet Source Code Stack development kit from Real Time Automation interfaces with your embedded application through simple function calls. The development kit includes everything you need to implement your BACnet solution: no ongoing royalties, single task source code, sample objects, a BACnet scanner tool, a ready-to-run sample application, complete documentation and much more.

OK, Why Real Time Automation?

Your best solution for BACnet is Real Time Automation. The RTA BACnet Source Code Stack is a single task solution for BACnet. This solution was built from the ground up specifically for embedded microcontroller applications. It has an incredibly straight forward, easy to understand API that makes integration of BACnet into your device almost effortless.

The support and responsiveness or our support team are second to none. You receive support from the engineers who use the code every day in real BACnet products. When you call RTA, you won’t get an automated voice or be redirected to some foreign country. You get a live, industry-recognized BACnet expert. That is the RTA difference.

What does Royalty-Free Mean?

BACnet Source Code is licensed on a one-time fee basis, meaning you pay one time, upfront for license and integration. After that, whether you sell two products or 2 million products featuring that code, you never owe RTA another dime.

The license provides for the unrestricted use of the development libraries, and their code components, for the development of BACnet products to be resold in binary form. The development source code, libraries and components may not be resold or sublicensed.

License fees include fully commented source code, documentation and a one-year warranty on all code. Service and Agreement and support is provided by Real Time Automation.





What to Do Next

Your next step is to contact us via email, phone or by completing the Request Software Information form so we can schedule some time to discuss your application.

What our Customers are Saying

“When it came to getting the job done, we turned to Real Time Automation, and they performed. RTA helped us figure out a complex communications interface problem in short order, and provided hardware and software modification requirements for implementation before we even got off the plane!”

Kevin L. / HTS Engineering Ltd.

“We have worked with Real Time Automation on a variety of projects over the past few years. I have consistently found them enthusiastic to work with us throughout the development process to ensure that we receive a communications solution that meets our needs. More importantly, their commitment to providing timely support services after the initial release of the system is truly exemplary.”

Ken F. / Danfoss Graham