A deep dive into the Modbus protocol and how it has remained relevant for decades.

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Modbus: The Everyman’s Guide to Modbus

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Modbus has found its way into thousands of applications and hundreds of thousands of devices. Even in this age of the Internet, Cloud data storage and the Internet of Things (IoT), Modbus will continue to be relevant for many years to come because of its utter simplicity.

In this short and entertaining book, Rinaldi describes the birth and history of Modbus technology and the reasons why it has flourished the way it has. Besides the deep dive into Modbus technology, the book describes everything else you need to know about Modbus; including the Modbus Organization, certification, router technology, interfacing Modbus to IoT protocols like OPC UA and, most of all, why it will live forever.

This book is an important resource for those companies trying to manage the loss of a generation of engineers and technicians who grew up with Modbus and know the technology inside and out. This book can fill that knowledge gap for that next generation of engineers as they grab the keyboard from their predecessors.

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