A practical guide to implement connectivity protocols in your products.

The Smart Product Manager’s Guide to Connectivity in the Packaging Industry

Connectivity in Your Packaging Product
Are you a product manager in the packaging industry struggling to understand your manufacturing customers – what connectivity solutions they need, where digital manufacturing is headed and how best you can prepare your products for what lies ahead? If so this book is for you.


Inside you’ll find:

  • A list of trends that are driving your manufacturing customers (think IT/OT conversion and Industry 4.0)
  • A short, non-technical explanation of the most important connectivity standards that many of your customers are adopting.
  • A glossary of terms that are specific to manufacturing connectivity that you should know.
  • A special section that focuses on supporting those legacy systems that use old, ASCII Command/Response communications.
  • And, most importantly, an action plan you can use to best position your company for future success in manufacturing.