The fastest and simplest way to move ASCII serial barcode, weigh scale, and RFID data to Allen-Bradley PLCs

Connects a single ASCII device with as many as 32 DH+ devices. Send and receive ASCII messages via DH+.

The Easiest Way to Integrate ASCII Data into a Siemens S7 PLC

Easily connect up to 32 BACnet MS/TP Responder devices to an ASCII based system

Easily Connect a BACnet MS/TP Manager to an ASCII Device

Easily Connect a BACnet/IP Client to an ASCII Controller

Easily connect up to 32 DeviceNet slaves to an ASCII system

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Move ASCII Data to a DeviceNet PLC, HMI, or Controller

Connects up to 32 EtherNet/IP Adapters with as many as 2 ASCII devices

The perfect tool to connect Legacy ASCII systems to an Allen-Bradley PLC

Connect Modbus TCP/IP devices into you PC based ASCII control and monitoring systems

Make Modbus controllers accessible to ASCII serial loggers and PC based controls

Easily use ASCII based devices in your Modbus TCP/IP controller

Easily connect an ASCII based system to a Profibus Master

Easily connect up to 2 ASCII devices to a Profinet IO Controller

Connects up to 10 Ethernet TCP/IP devices with as many as two ASCII devices