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AHR 2017

Trade shows are a necessary evil. I’d bet I’ve been to 100 of them. Mind [...]

RA Obsolescence

If I only had a nickel for every SLC, PLC5, and MicroLogix in use today. [...]

Architecting an EtherNet/IP Device

I’ve always liked surprises – good ones, anyway. An interesting business opportunity that I didn’t [...]

The Secrets of OPC UA Clients

Everyone loves secrets. No one loves secrets more than kids. The other day my granddaughter [...]


Last month I attended the 2015 AHR Trade Show in Chicago. 62,000 attendees from almost [...]


I’m in Tampa for a few days of scuba diving and touring the area. I [...]

OPC part 6 – OPC Task Force

At the end of my last entry I was discussing how OLE had advanced to [...]

Lots Of Ways To Get Things Done!

There is always more than one way to get something done. When it comes to [...]

When Not to Use EtherNet/IP

Had a call from a really nice guy down south today who wants to implement [...]