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Three Old Industrial Automation Technologies Only an Idiot Would Abandon

Hello, my name is Jansen, and I am a hoarder (Hi, Jansen). I absolutely hate [...]

Have I Lost My Mind?!

I admit that this may sound crazy, but I’ve been known to do and say [...]

The Art of CYA: Useful Troubleshooting Tools

I have an interesting job. I get to talk to people all over North America. [...]

ASCII to the Cloud Part 1

Even though it’s 2018, we still find ASCII devices on the factory floor. And we [...]

ASCII Data over HTTP

ASCII data will be with us forever. It was invented out of necessity in the [...]

AB Logix Product Line

I really do like the Logix controller family from Allen–Bradley. You have to admire it. [...]

Future of ASCII Data

ASCII, as you know from my previous columns, has been with us for a long [...]

Modbus Turnaround Times

Human beings are lucky. We can operate full-duplex. That means we can listen and talk [...]

Let’s Talk About the Bus in Modbus

A computer protocol like Modbus is nothing more than a series of bits with a [...]


When we think of Modbus, we think of a forty year old protocol, old machines, [...]