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ASCII Command Response Devices

If you’re a little older you can remember those old Cathode Ray Televisions everyone had [...]

How to Chain EtherNet/IP Nodes

Most people are familiar with the EtherNet/IP architecture where some set of EtherNet/IP adapters are [...]

MODBUS – Glad You Asked! (Part 2)

Last time my Modbus article focused on general Modbus questions. This article answers questions specifically [...]

Why Modbus TCP?

RTA recently started working with a client on a development project where we’ll be embedding [...]

Other Devices

John Donne wrote the famous poem “No Man is an Island.” Personally, I’m thinking about [...]

Multicast Communication

I’m sometimes envious at how a group of women can be engaged in multiple concurrent [...]

Modbus for City Slickers

I like the movie City Slickers. I think it appeals to me because we are [...]

Old McDonald Had a Factory…

One of my favorite songs from childhood is: Old McDonald had a factory, E-I-E-I-O. And [...]

Let’s Talk About the Bus in Modbus

A computer protocol like Modbus is nothing more than a series of bits with a [...]

The EtherNet/IP Origin Story

People love stories. We are wired to pay attention when someone says: “Hey, I’ve got [...]