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A.I. Content in the I.A. World

Industrial automation (I.A.) is a complex and rapidly evolving field, and as such, the demand [...]

Building Automation vs. Industrial Automation

If you’re in industrial automation and spend most of your time around machines, you certainly [...]

What is the OPC UA Nano Profile?

I’ve used a lot of networking technologies over my career. In fact – and I’m [...]

OPC UA Profiles

One of the easier OPC UA concepts to understand is OPC UA profiles. Profiles are [...]

The End of Cyclic Communication…

It’s amazing to think how life has changed over the last ten years. Today, I [...]

To Modbus or Not to Modbus, That Is the Question!

Every technology and innovation has its day. The steam engine, a revolutionary technology that revolutionized [...]

OPC UA Under the Radar

OPC UA® is still very under the radar for a lot of folks in the [...]

ASCII History

You may not believe this, but the ASCII character set is one of the greatest [...]

Hands-on OPC UA Development Training for IIoT

OPC UA Developer Course Develop secure, certification ready OPC UA (IEC 62541) applications for IIoT/Industrie [...]

Other Devices

John Donne wrote the famous poem “No Man is an Island.” Personally, I’m thinking about [...]