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Achieving Digitalization Without Losing Data

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too I am always befuddled by folks who go [...]

Three Old Industrial Automation Technologies Only an Idiot Would Abandon

Hello, my name is Jansen, and I am a hoarder (Hi, Jansen). I absolutely hate [...]

The Mysterious World of the S7 Data Table

RTA gateways now support access to the S7 data table. That means that we can [...]

It’s Time To Love ASCII Again!

There’s a bunch of things that I love that I don’t talk about: The Roy [...]

What is a Historian?

An off-the-cuff answer is someone that records history. We’re talking about control system historians, but [...]

JSON For Your Command/Response Protocol

If you have a device that uses Command/Response protocol and it’s too expensive or will [...]

ASCII Command Response Devices

If you’re a little older you can remember those old Cathode Ray Televisions everyone had [...]

ASCII Query/Response Communications

In the earliest days of industrial devices, a controller and an end-device had one option [...]

Have I Lost My Mind?!

I admit that this may sound crazy, but I’ve been known to do and say [...]

The Art of CYA: Useful Troubleshooting Tools

I have an interesting job. I get to talk to people all over North America. [...]