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Why Active Directory is Important to a Control Engineer

As a control engineer, you have enough technology to learn and maintain, and it’s not [...]

Getting Modbus Data into a Database

Modbus data is everywhere. There is no end to the number of devices that have [...]

I Want OPC UA…

I don’t know how many of you remember any of the old Windows products back [...]

A House Divided

Do you live in a house divided by electronics? If you think that religion or [...]

OPC – Are its days numbered?

It’s hard to work almost anywhere in the automation industry without knowing something about OPC. [...]

ControlLogix and Printing

The words, “ControlLogix” and “printing” aren’t often found together in the same sentence. For eons [...]

Modbus Security

If you are new to Modbus, or new to security, you already know everything there [...]

EtherNet/IP DLL

One of the things I find odd about life is how some of the simplest [...]

Windows Embedded vs. Linux

I’m an agnostic. I just don’t care. No, not regarding religious beliefs. I’m talking about [...]

Betamax and HMI’s

I’m old enough to remember the war between VHS and Betamax. If you don’t remember, [...]