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Network Terms

There are certain terms in automation that are used all the time but not always [...]

MODBUS – Glad You Asked! (Part 3)

My previous Modbus article focused on Modbus protocol questions. The blog focuses on questions related [...]

MODBUS – Glad You Asked! (Part 2)

Last time my Modbus article focused on general Modbus questions. This article answers questions specifically [...]

MODBUS – Glad You Asked!

I travel a lot. When you travel as much as I do, you tend to [...]

Multiple Masters

When an engineer starts using Modbus TCP (the Ethernet version) instead of Modbus RTU (the [...]

Modbus Turnaround Times

Human beings are lucky. We can operate full-duplex. That means we can listen and talk [...]


Modbus is the most pervasive communications protocol in industrial and building automation and the most [...]


What could have been and never was… Once a year or so, just like the [...]

What’s So Special About RS232 and RS485?

Modbus over RS232 and RS485 kicked off networking in automation. Before then, all we had [...]

Why Toyota Moved to EtherCAT

The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) surprised everyone at the recent Hannover Messe by announcing that [...]