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I love fun facts, especially those that disprove common misconceptions. Here are a few that [...]

It’s a Polyglot World, After All…

An Introduction to Siemens Controllers for AB Control Engineers Manufacturing is now a “polyglot” or [...]

IO-Link Data Definitions

There is no question that over the last ten years, IO-Link has moved from obscurity [...]

Automate For ROI, Not Technology

I can’t help but snicker when I when I hear the “fear factor” applied to [...]

Certification Processes

A friend of mine in Detroit told me a story recently about an engineer from [...]

Cloud Computing – The Inconvenient Truth

The Internet of Things (IoT). If only I could have a penny for every time [...]

The End of Cyclic Communication…

It’s amazing to think how life has changed over the last ten years. Today, I [...]

MicroLogix PLC

The human brain is an incredible machine. Over the past few years, I’ve learned some [...]

Modbus for City Slickers

I like the movie City Slickers. I think it appeals to me because we are [...]

The Big Problem for Device Manufacturers

I had a very interesting call the other day from a guy in the controller [...]