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How To Sound Smart (or at Least Literate) When Talking to Enginerds

I am always fascinated by acronyms. So many of them have different meanings depending on [...]

The ODVA 2020 Industry Conference & 20th Annual Meeting

One of the best-run conferences of the year is the ODVA Industry Conference. I have [...]

Trust is an EtherNet/IP Device with CIP Security

At last year’s Rockwell Automation Fair, one hundred people attended the session on CIP Security. [...]

CIP Security For EtherNet/IP Has Arrived…Are You Ready?

It’s difficult to go a minute without hearing something about security. If you watch TV, [...]

With CIP Security, Your Life Gets a Whole Lot More Complicated – and Safer (Part 1 of 2)

Quite a few years ago now, elites in the hacker community started belittling and mocking [...]

EtherNet/IP Security – What Do You Need to Know?

Before we can begin a discussion of computer security in general and on ODVA’s new [...]

EtherNet/IP Security Part 2: What It Does

CIP Security is designed to protect not only EtherNet/IP Adapter devices (end devices) from access [...]

EtherNet/IP Security – Part 1

Security is more of a concern to OT (Operational Technology) people now than ever before. [...]

EtherNet/IP Device Manufacturers! CIP Security is Here!

November 15, 2018, can now be formally marked in the history books as the day [...]

Have I Lost My Mind?!

I admit that this may sound crazy, but I’ve been known to do and say [...]