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Snake Oil Salesmen from the 1800s are Back and Now They’re Selling IoT Systems to Manufacturers

I am a pretty calm guy. Sometimes too calm. I remember one time when I [...]

Meet MQTT, The Industrial Protocol That Takes Your Data To The Cloud

MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is a mechanism for moving data around the factory floor [...]

The Control Engineer’s Guide to Amazon AWS – Part 1

It’s not news that Amazon AWS is a growing presence on factory floors across the [...]

Even More On Normalization of PLC Data Tags

I’ve written a number of articles in the past on normalizing PLC data especially Allen-Bradley [...]

Wireless: Cut the Cord or Not?

Our society is now wireless. More and more of us are streaming news, entertainment, sports [...]

OPC UA as the Architecture for IT/OT Convergence

The challenge today is to how to best migrate the tightly-coupled factory floor architectures with [...]

Manufacturing Faces Many and Varied Headaches

It’s a difficult time for manufacturers. Very difficult. If you have a small to medium [...]

ASCII to the Cloud Part 2

Stash is an old friend of mine (we’ve called him Stash since high school when [...]

Modbus and OPC UA – How do we make that marriage work?

Tens of millions of Modbus devices have been shipped all over the world. There probably [...]

ASCII to the Cloud Part 1

Even though it’s 2018, we still find ASCII devices on the factory floor. And we [...]